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Ecuador visas

I´m in Ecuador and I have the 90 day visa.
Does anyone know whether it allows multiple entry, or is it voided if you leave?
I hold an Australian passport.



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    Hi can go in and out and they will give you the balance of your 90 days. You cannot leave and come back to gain another 90 or 60 or whatever. They are the only country in SA that doesn't let you jump borders to extend your visa. All foreigners get 90 days in one year. You can apply for another 90 and pay around $200 plus embassy fees. After that you have to leave. I left, came back from Colombia and they gave me the balance of my 90 days. Then I left again when my 90 days was expired. I returned a month later and re-entered through the airport. They allowed me in but stamped my passport with the wrong date. Backdated it. I went to immigration in Quito to find out what I needed to do and they gave me a paper waiving the fine (anyone can do this, get the fine waived) and told me I had 48hrs to leave. Even though I had an original signed and sealed document from the government waiving my fees and allowing me to leave, the guys at the Peru border tried to make me pay. It was a long argument that included my boyfriend (who is from Quito) and the bus driver sticking up for me and went on for hours. Us finally prevailing. They are really strict. Someone told me I could go out and come back in, saying she had done it but I didn't have the same experience. If you have any more questions, feel free to email me :)
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    Thanks for your comment. Everything I have planned will be within the original 90 days; I'm not looking for any extra time on the visa. Cheers!
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