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Malta to Greece to Turkey

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Hi everyone,
I'm seriously thinking about going to Malta, Lesvos and Turkey in June. I have about 3 weeks. I think that I can get to Malta pretty easily by flying from the UK direct, but then I wonder if it's possible to get to Lesvos by flying from Valetta through Athens. Ultimately I would like to spend a few days in Turkey, visiting Epheseus but I don't know where else to go. Has anyone done these spots (all three) or should I just narrow it down to two? I am a woman traveling alone, I'm late 40's and not interested in partying or nightclubs -- just a combination of beaches, wine, good food, walking, maybe some wandering (but not lost). I spent time years ago in Dubrovnik (before the war) and it was popular with British tourists then (I'm from US). Is Malta the cheap British vacation now? I need a true break from my job, my responsibilities here . . . any thoughts?


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    Hi, Yes from the Uk you can easily fly to Malta.

    You can take the ferry from the Greek Island of Samos to Kusadasi in Turkey - If you want to stay somewhere a little quaint then I recommend Selcuk. Most guest houses offer free transport to the ancient site of Ephesus as its literally just up the road - From Selcuk you can take the dolmus to Pamucak beach

    BTW Kusadasi is about 40 mins by road fromSelcuk so arranging a free pick up from the guest houses is not a problem

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    Yes there are direct flights from Malta to Athens and to Turkey
    brouse Airmalta website

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    sorry gave you wrong link
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    Does anyone know if there is a direct flight from Malta to Corfu? Iam heading for a conference in Corfu at the end of May 2009 and would like to know if there is a direct flight rather than going to Rome to coonect to Athens or directly to Athens. I have been told that Air Malta flies directly there starting from the end of April. Can someone verify this?
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    Dear Aristea
    There is only one Travel operator that do Corfu holidays.Infact i went for a week there with them and many friends fron my club did too.
    this is Fantasy Tours. They fly to Corfu two times a week i think its on Sundays and Fridays. this their link all can find here.
    You can contact them about your needs.
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