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Is it safe to travel to Zambia?

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Is is safe to travel to Zambia given the recent outbreak of disease?


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    At present there is no official warnings to avoid travel to Zambia. While the disease you mention is concerning, it has affected an insignificant number of people compared to the total number of visitors to and from Zambia. At present, my answer is that, yes, it is safe to travel to Zambia. However, I suggest keeping an eye on developments and heeding any official warnings such as those provided by the British Foreign Office:
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    Can I ask this so called guru when in the 44 years of Zambia's independence has there been "a development" that required a close eye to be kept on Zambia; implying that Zambia could not be a safe place to travel. I can site a long list of "developments" in the same period where the uk could not be a safe place to travel. Get your facts striaght, stop peddling non sense.
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    im 0ff to zambia its a cool place as safe as anywhere beeee
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    I think Blogger Z needs to cool down a bit... it ALWAYS makes sense to know the general safety warnings with regards to a country you are visting for the first time... for example Zambia has quite a high incidence of HIV... it make sense to know such a thing prior to vistsing!?
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    BloggerZ - the disease warning was posted in October last year when there was an outbreak of a lethal disease. Since then, everything is fine and there is no reason not to go to Zambia.

    People are always more paranoid when they travel because they are away from their support structures... giving people information is different to telling them not to go.

    Its great that you are patriotic about Zambia tho - no question that it's an awesome country to visit.
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    am zambian and this is what i have to say . every place has its dangerous locations especialy large cities like lusaka but if you follow the same rules as you do back home you will be fine the smaller towns are always safer and are better to visit in my advised that if your white you will attract more attention in cities people will know your knew and try to trick you so just stay away from cities but you will have a blast especialy if you have a good and trust worthy guide
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