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Traveling to Kuwait

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I am planning to visit a friend who is working in Kuwait.
She is American but working over there.
What do I need by way of Visa or so?


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    Am from Nigeria my name is Ibrahim i wil like to know how to get Kuwait visa....and the email is [email protected]
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    dovero: if you are American you can get your visa at the airport
    Ibrahim: im not completely sure but i think you need a host to get a visa
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    I have an Australian citizen who is travelling to Luxor via Kuwait. The traveller has a 2h35m stopover at Kuwait Airport. Does this traveller require a Visa on arrival, or as the traveller is on a connecting flight to Luxor, will it not be necessary.
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    I am Dr.Sajid Mahmood Ashraf fromPakistan.I am working in Riyadh,KSA as a Hospital Administrator at the moment.I am planning to visit my friend working in Kuwait.What do I need to do regarding visa and entry to kuwait
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    My name is simi .Iam working in ireland as a staff nurse. My husband working in kuwait.Iam planning to visit my husband in april .what documents i have to submit in kuwait embassy in ireland and how long it will take.

    With regards
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    assalam o 3alaykom,
    i m a girl , canadien citizenship recently but i m born in morroco.
    I heard that even i m canadien but because i m born in morroco, i ll need a visa before to go to get it in the aeroport in kuwait, is it true?
    i m planning to visit my fiancee in kuwait , and i m scared to be refusde the entry in kuwait whith my canadien passeport?
    Can somewone tell me is it better to get a visa with my morrocan passeport or can enter with my canadien one.

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    It`s easy to enter kuwait just check the number of empassy of kuwait in your conutry and ask any qustions to them they will answer every thing that you don`t know then ask them about the place of the empassy if there `re a visa to enter kuwait then book a ticket&hotel so easy and write the address of your hotel , take taxi visit your friend . " Remeber that it`s so so easy to enter kuwait "
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    Hi A????? farouq i will like to travel to London and i don't know how to get the visa and the amount pls help me out [email protected]
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    Hi Amfarouq i will like to travel to London and i don't know how to get the visa and the amount pls help me out
    [email protected]
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    I am a Filipino Citizen but is working in Saudi Arabia and holding a Saudi Residence Visa (Iqamma) with family (wife and son). I plan to drive to Kuwait from Saudi. Is it ok to enter Kuwait and get a Kuwait visa at the immigration?
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    Hi Rene-
    Just realise that if you're planning to drive from Saudi to Kuwait and you're driving a vehicle that's been financed by the bank (and you're still paying off the loan), you'll need special permission from your sponsor to leave the country. You'll also need to make sure you get your exit visas in order beforehand.
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    Hi. Tunji is my name. I'm currently working in a factory in Egypt as Electrical/Electronics Technician. I will like yuo to connect me to an employment agent who get me a Work visa in Kuwait.

    my email is [email protected]

  • Hello, I am an engineer in Information Technology profession and i want to do job in kuwait in IT sector. I will visit kuwait next month. I am worried about the job because i don't have any appointment letter from any company and i am a fresher my plan is to search job in kuwait in my proffesion. So anybody please tell me should i need experience to get job in kuwait. Please help.
  • I am South AFrican. I read what I need from your website, but I do not understand where to find this visa from the transport company, If I am visiting, do I really need a sponsor? and how do they actually get an original visa. I am a bit confused at what I need. I am only visiting less than a week.

    Your help will be greatly appreciated

  • @Jackvic
    Are you going to Kuwajt as a tourist or on business.
    If your a tourist the airline you are travelling with will assist you with the visa.
    If your on business the company your visiting will arrange the visa.
    Any queries call the Kuwait Embassy in Pretoria
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