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Seher Resort & Spa, Colakli. Hotel demands Euros. Surely they can't refuse their own currency ??

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I have read some very recent reviews on this resort and they are all looking bleaker by the minute. Not every single holiday maker can be wrong or negative? I am really anxious. Apparantly NONE of the staff speak any English. They are all rude and ignore everybody and only cater for the Germans which Thomas Cook obviosuly dont hIghlight.
The latest downer is that I thought if I took Turkish Lira It would get us more for our holiday spending money as we are all inclusive but may not fancy beiong confined to the hotel grounds for 10 days.
Now I read the hotel demands everything in Euros and refuses to take Lira!! Surely they can't refuse their own currency - can they?? We are taking our 10 year old and looks like we'll be skint in a couple of days if everything is in Euros!
I also want to visit local shops and markets - but will need Lira for these surely? We've never been before and im now getting more anxious by the minute.



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    Oh Maxine

    Stop reading the reviews - they could be by a few disgrunted people.Contact Thomas Cook and demand answers. Or tell them you want a change of hotel.

    As you are AI I suspect it's the extras that are parable in Euro so get Thomas Cook to define what these extras are.

    If you don't get any joy changing your accomodation you are not far from beautiful Side where English is spoken and Lira widely accepted. Use the hotel as a base and catch the local buses to the surrounding area. here in the centre of Antalya no bus fare is over 1.75lira on the local buses.

    The number of the main Thomas Cook office here in Antalya (very near the airport) is 0090 242 340 5523 - from Antalya you only need dial the 340 5523. Hopefully though you will have a rep at the hotel. He/she is your first line in complaining.

    Maybe though all these reviewers have exagerated. Ifthey were rude then the staff will be rude back!

    Please don't stress too much. by and large a holiday is what you make it. Use the hotel for food and a bed. Everyone praises the rooms and the cleanliness at least. If you pay compliments to the staff maybe that will help as well.

    As for the Euro situation if you can bring some GBP you can always change it in town to euros - I suspect it's for arcade games etc.

    STOP stressing!!!!
    You are coming to a beautiful amazing country - please, please come with a positive frame of mind.
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    We live in Turkey and went to Side for a short break. Nothing wrong with that but outside the hotel we were confronted with shops using Euro as currency. We only had lira on us and they were not interested and asked if we could get Euro. In the end we looked for places that would take lira as the exchange rate they were using was beyond a joke.
    We also found as well that the Germans in our hotel...lovely as it better looked after.
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    Thank you for your responses. kev, i've read a dozens of stories like yours but worse!
    I just wish I'd known all this before I booked it last year! Well I guess we'll be taking Euro's then as a hundred people can't all be wrong can they. And they were also middle aged respectable couples with young children.

    What a shame. We paid £2,400 for this holiday and for that I do expect a little more than just a bed for the night. We will visit neighbouring towns obviously - as I do like to take in the history and sights, but not every day., as we are both overworked and stressed and are going to relax.
    I am cross that they make such a fuss in not taking their own currency - it is wrong to do that, but clever on their part.

    Everyone has also said about the Germans getting 5 star treatment and the English actually being ignored. I shall have to learn a few choice words there too then if thats the case as I wont allow anyone to ruin this holiday as its the first time we are taking my step son with us and our first time going all inclusive. I've not had a holiday yet where I have had to complain about anything, and I hope all those reviews won't apply to us - apart from the Euro situation which I am cross about as they're not even in the EU and obviously we would get more for Lira!

    I was also looking forward to real Turkish food and entertainment and have found out that at our hotel ALL the entertainment is in GERMAN - even for the children, and ALL of the inclusive buffet food is catered for the Germans and Russians cold meats and sausages etc, and if you want Turkish food you have to dine in the A La Carte restaraunt for extra cost!!!!!
    I will go with a positive frame of mind, and I will pay compliments and leave tips where tips are due, but thank you Clare for the Thomas Cook contact details as I have a feeling we will need them.

    I dont understand why the Germans still feel the need to rule over everybody no matter where you go on holiday its the same. Its a joke and im certainly not in the frame of mind to bow down to anyone.
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    Hi titicaca,
    What I said in my review was plain fact but please do not dwell on this or your holiday will be spoilt before you get here. We were in Side in February, and it seemed that most of the holiday makers were German. We just tried to fit in where we could. We actually got a laugh watching them as well.
    Turkey is generally a beautiful country and I go along with alot Clare has already told you.
    You enjoy your time here.
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    Hi Kev
    So sorry to hear about what's happening around these hotels - ONLY Euro - makes you wonder who owns these places????? About 10 years ago we stayed in a hotel that was mainly German orientated - we made friends with the some of the Germans and were looked after like them!!! Mind you one day we asked where the eggs were at breakfast and were told they were out of season!!!! Didn't know eggs had a season.

    Maxine - I really hope that this long awaited holiday isn't spoilt. If it is do your utmost to get some compensation. I would suggest you do your ranting and raving at Thomas Cook rather than hotel employees - just because you still want to get service while you are there!! Have you contacted Thomas Cook yet to ask about this?? Ooooh let's hope they've overbooked and you have to move hotels!

    Chin up :o)
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    Hi Clare,
    We maybe shouldn't be to critical of the Germans. We also have some lovely German friends that we met in the far east and had a fantastic time with them all. There is good and bad among all.
    We have just spent an evening with friends in Hisaronu and quite honestly some of the displays from some of the British holiday makers make you ashamed to be British. I bet some of the Brits feel the same way too!!!!!
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    Couldn't agree more Kev!!

    In some tourists areas I have seen behaviour that has truly shocked and appalled me. I take a lot of shocking as I worked in the NHS in the UK!!! OK I have no problem with letting hair down and relaxing but some of the dispalys - I have seen things only their doctor should see!

    Also once some people have paid for a holiday think they have bought the country and its people. The rudeness to locals I have witnessed has been embarrasing. The lack of respect for the country they are visiting is so evident.

    I could go on and on but won't!!!

    Also the way to complain is not to scream and shout but to discuss the problem and mutually agree on a solution.

    I am not being critical of the Germans at all - more of Thomas Cook for selling a hotel to British holiday makers that is mainly German orientated! I too have friends from many countries (including Germany!). As you say it is the minority anywhere that get the majority a bad name.
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    I have spent holidays near Side for the past four years and have found that most shops will accept Lira or Euros as well as pounds which are extremely popular since they can get so many lira for each pound at today's exchange rate. Generally the Turkish people are very friendly and helpful beyond belief. They are however quite astute when it comes to business and it is said that there is 1 price for English and a different price for Turkish people. In truth you must haggle and negotiate where prices can drop as much as 70 % on the asking price. Eating out can be expensive but shop around and you will find reasonable restaurants with good food at fair prices. In Side the cheapest restaurants are well away from the harbour where prices tend to be very high. Also try eating in Manavgat the nearest large town where there are many reasonably priced restaurants. Buying an all inclusive package is not always as good as it sounds and limits your choice of where to eat each night. Do you really want to stay in one place every night ? What if the food is not brilliant and you have effectively pre paid for your meals ?
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    Hi Squawk
    You have hit the nail right on the head.
    I have never had problems with Lira or GBP in Side itself but it seems that this hotel is taking the mickey.
    In all resorts you pay the price to eat/drink in the "favoured" areas. Take a step ot 2 away and the prices decrease dramatically.
    Always look for where the locals are eating. Three of us enjoyed an excellent meal a couple of nights ago. It was in a Mangal restaurant. Which means barbeque - generally meat cooked over an open flame. We had a kilo of wonderful kofte (meatballs) between us with all the trimmings - bread, salads, etc and drinks. We were well satisfied and the whole lot came to 50lira (£20). We then walked down to the seafront to enjoy a drink.
    I can understand people being attracted by the AI package as it seems to be very attractive and on the outside makes budgeting easier. I have never stayed AI as I enjoy eating at different places and not feling as though I must get my money's worth!!
    The Turks are amazingly warn and hospitable. Very firendly and love meeting people but it seems as though at this particular hotel they are overworked and a bit grumpy. I know that they often work 18 hour days in high season for not very much money at all. A lot travel a long way from their families to work the season. That being said though I have only once or twice come across this sort of behaviour here. I am wondering what the reviewers that Maxine refers to had said to the workers!!
    Great to hear from someone else championing the Side area. Although I only visit as I live just the other side of Antalya centre I love Side and visit as often as I can. Not sure whether I get charged Turkish or tourist prices though!! Yes you have to barter in some of the shops particularly those selling the t shirts, handbags etc but that can be part of the fun. Having a drink while you negotiate adds to the experience. If the price isn't marked on something then it's open for negotiation! Don't be afraid to walk away - often the price reduces very quickly then or the next shop will have what you want. Always barter in a good natured way as well.
    Great to hear how much you enjoy your holidays here.
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