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Israel to Egypt

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I am going to be in ISrael for a week and then I plan to travel to Egypt for a week after that. How hard is it to cross the border into Egypt from Israel and back again? Will I get hassled for having a stamp from Israel in my passport and for being Jewish. (Not that in appearance you can tell or that it's obvious in my name or anything like that). Should I be worried or should I just go? Please help me decide!


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    Hello Mara,
    This is Kawthar Boshra I used to work in tourism for 2 years as Customer Service Representative. During my work, there was no problem at all for my customers to cross the border from Israel to Egypt. As for a stamp from Israel, this stamp will make your visit to some Arab countries impossible unless you renewed or have another passport with no stamps from Israel. Also, in Egypt for a tourist coming to visit our country you will never feel that you are hassled because of your nationality or religion, or even because you visited Israel. For Egyptian you will find them very warm and friendly with their guests. One point that you should put into your consideration, which is the conditions of Egypt after revolution, I am not sure how it is going there on the border these days, but I am sure that there will be more security procedures applied on all the gates of Egypt. Don't forget to buy a visa to Egypt at the border, unless you have to apply for a visa in advance from your country (based on your nationality). Please check this site for Visa to Egypt

    I hope this helps you. Please don't hesitate to contact me should you have any further questions.
    Best wishes
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