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Israeli stamp in my passport.any problem in bahrein?

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Hi,I will take a Gulf air flight from Milano,Italy and I will make only a brief stop over in Manama then I will fly to BKK.
I have 2 israeli stamp on my passsport cause I visited it two years ago.I would like to know how the bahreini authorities manage people with Israeli stamps in passport.
Please anser me as soon as possible cause I leave in ten days !!
Thanks a lot.


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    Hi are you just changing planes or are you planning to stay for over 24 hours in Baharin. If you are staying over they will not allow you into the country with the Israeli stamp. You would need to get a new American passport or whatever passport you are carrying

    Rita from Caravan-Serai
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    thanks Rita Z..the time just for changing planes.always gulf air but i will be always at the airport-I have the jitters about these stamps.Are you sure they don't make me crazy for such stupid thing? Are there bahraini official site that said this or is it an unofficial use?thanks
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