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American moving to the US.

So I tried getting help from the UK Borders Agency Website, but not only does it not have emails, it said that it can't give out advice, and I have no idea where to go from here.

I am 25 years old. I am in a serious relationship with my partner who lives in London. I want to go over there for the summer, or possibly longer, with the ability to be able to work and bring in some money to pay bills while i'm there.

I looked at the UK Borders Agency Website and some of them said that I need a sponsor so I can get that creative workers visa (I am an actor and would like to work as such in London, but also need a regular job out there as a waitress or such as well), but it doesn't say where I can get a visa, where I can get the document to show that I have a visa, etc.

I would appreciate any and ALL advice on the subject. Do you suggest a different type of visa, or no visa at all? I don't want to come into the country illegally, I would like to get this visa and do it right, i'm just not sure which kind of temporary visa to get!
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