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Phillipino Island Hopping

edited July 2011 in Far East Asia
Advice needed pls guys,

I am planning to holiday in The Phillipines as of April 2012 for about a 4-5 week period. At this stage, i am pretty much only interested in island hopping and i guess, i will have to see Manilla - just to say ive been there!
Anyway, i am looking for affordable islands to holiday on that have great beaches and things to do. At this stage, i have only got on my list:

I think i will fly into Manilla and then fly to El Nido and go overland thru to Puerto. From here i am looking at crusing/ferry to other well worth it islands.
I am needing advice as to what would be those well worth it islands? I will be travelling solo so im always keen to meet others too.
Would 4-5 weeks be a good amount of time to get around the islands? I honestly cant see myself spening more than about 2-3 days in Manilla.
Ohhhhh and how is the safety down south around these islands? I guess this is something that you constantly have to keep your eye on - sad but true!

Thanks to all/any of you that reply... all the best and KEEP TRAVELLING AND BE SAFE


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    Hi Gibbsy! You should see Bohol, where the famous chocolate hills and tarsier can be found. Siargao and other islands in Surigao are also worth seeing, as they are still quite unexploited by tourism yet. Ilocos, particularly Pagudpud, is fast becoming a major tourist destination. And while you are there why not see Vigan (historic city) as well? Camarines Sur has several wonderful islands, in fact one of its islands was featured in a Survivor Europe season.

    Location-wise these islands/places are quite far from each other but the travel is worth it. You can touch down in Cebu first then take a boat to Bohol. You can proceed Boracay (Bora as we call is quite popular, but it has lost its charm on me - partying and all that stuff seem to dominate the island), Palawan and Surigao. You can then fly north, to Puerto Galera (Mindoro) then/or Ilocos. Then you can take an overnight bus to Manila, the capital city of Philippines.
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    Hello. I visit Manila frequently and from there go to a different island on each occassion. I agree with Abby insofar as Boracay is very commercial and whilst worth a visit would recommend Bohol. You can hire a boat for the day and go island hopping but be sure to look at Virgin Island - uninhabited and quite beautiful. Beware its extremely hot and the beach offers very little shade! Chocolate Hills at Bohol must. I would also recommend Palawan and a visit to the 'underwater' caves. I'm a westerner and have never experiendced any safety issues bar the odd drunk - but hey you get that anywhere. Overall, the Filipinos are very accommodating
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    Hey Micky - thanks heaps for your comments.... again,i now have a lot more to research! I take all of your info on board so thanks again and all the best,
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