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Muslim/headscarf in Germany

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I am going to Frankfurt to visit a friend next weekend and I was quite excited about it. I had no concerns of going as I have been to many countries in europe before (uk, ireland, france, switzerland, spain, italy, belgium) and I have never had any issues about my headscarf.

however, i have only just remembered (yes, i am a bit ditzy!) that there were/are some issues about headscarves in germany, and I am a bit concerned about it now.

so, my question is, is it safe for me to go? will i be treated the same as any other tourists? the last thing i want is to be discriminated while i am on holiday!!!! i have read the two posts regarding islam and germany, but i think my issue is slightly different, what with the headscarf and all. i wouldn't bother asking if i didnt wear a headscarf or if i was a guy, because i know i will blend in just fine.

am looking forward to reading your replies!!



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    I am on holiday in Germany right now. I have seen women with headscarves and haven't seen it to be a problem. Happy and safe travels to you!
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    Hi!! Thank you for the reply.. Guess I'm being a bit too paranoid ;)

    hope you're enjoying your holiday!!
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    Hi machu_1988, don´t worry. It is absolutely safe to travel to Gemrnay wearing a headscarf. There are many muslim women wearing such things here and discriminations do not happen not more often than in any other european country. Of course, there is always the possibility, but it´s very very unlikely.
    Enjoy your time here!
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