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Marrakech - Aqua Fun club hotel feedback?

I'm booked to go to Marrakech soon booked with Broadway travel. Staying in Aqua fun club hotel. It's all paid for yet I am having ongoing problems with the booking agent. They've been quick to take the money but are not responding to emails, neither have they sent documentation re payment as was promised.

Does anyone have any info about the Aqua fun club hotel Marrakesh or anyone having any problems with the booking agent? I'm hoping I've not been ripped off (never booked this way before) Am I simply being impatient????


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    If you paid by credit card, ask the cc company to investigate although most other people who have stayed there were happy as far as I could tell.
    I intended to send you a private message but you don't accept these.
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    Thank you, i've eventually had a response back and been told I will receive all information via post. Although still nothing was sent by email even after being told (in email) that it would. At least i'll have it in print.
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    I have booked a holiday at Aqua Fun Club Hotel in Marrakech based on the amazing pics featured on the travel agents site. I have since read dreadful reviews of the hotel on TripAdvisor and I'm really worried about the health risks. I'm amazed the holiday is advertised as 'luxury' when photos uploaded by guests is evidence enough that its quite the opposite. This holiday was supposed to be a well earned treat that we were looking forward to. Now we're absolutely dreading it. I really feel that I have been misled about the standard of this hotel and I'd like to know why the travel company are still advertising it as 'luxury'. What can I do before the balance is due on 16th Aug? Can I ask to be relocated free of charge based on the reviews?
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    Not sure. Possibly. I'm due to go early Sept. but i've been reading newer reviews on the facebook site 'Aqua fun club' and they are starting to sound a little more positive. Though I must say I have emailed Broadway travel-two weeks ago-asking them what the situation is and they have not replied. It is almost impossible to get them to answer a phone too. Their customer service is appalling! I will certainly never ever use them again!
    My holiday is all payed for now so I will be going and hoping for the best. I will also leave a comment on here when I return as to how I found it to be.
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    Hello. i have read. ur email .. and u said.take the money but are not responding to emails, neither then if they sent documentation re payment .u have no worring. but if they don4t send documentation and paymonet that u have nothings to talk about it.....and wish to u the best.. and if u have any problem. when u are in Morocco go to station poilce.and talk with them about ur problem.......
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    Thanks la vida, I'll look out for your post.
    Any advice from the experts would be much appreciated.
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    You have to go with an open mind whichever hotel you choose. All hotels get good reviews as well as bad so one can never know what to expect or who to believe. One thing is certain, travel agents and others are obliged to promote hotels in their best light for their own interests.
    Phot's from agents/hotels etc will not generally show a standard room but will show the more expensive rooms such as suites. As you have parted with money then you either lose this or go for the hotel and hope for the best.
    Tripadvisor is a good site (I'm one of their DE's for Morocco) and the reviews are pretty accurate but as I have never stayed at this hotel I cannot comment directly.
    If you do go, as I suspect you must, then try the food and facilities even just the once; salads are usually advised to be avoided although I have only ever had trouble once in Tanger.
    If the food is of poor quality as I expect on any AI or buffet scheme, then there are plenty of inexpensive resto's to eat at in town.
    Are you registered with TA? if so look for me (same name mnius the "k") and I will send you some info on things to see, do, where to eat etc.
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    Thanks johnk9159, I am reading reports on TA and bearing in mind all good (and bad) reviews but am still prepared to go with an open mind. I'm aware all countries have their good and bad points and am always an optimist. As long as I am not ill i'm sure i'll have an enjoyable break no matter what. My biggest problem has been with the lack of reply/communication from my booking agent Broadway Travel!
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    hello johnk915? wow. food poor tell me. wich food are expansive food usa or morocco.? its the some if u go to hight place. then when person want to visit some countrly. he or she must try the both food poor and expansive. for he or she will have idea.about that countrly that he or she visit.then. when person come to visit contrly. he or she want to discover the contrly he visit. people come from thier contrly not hangry.and we know in europ. the have they best. but i think they will more excited for see or eat simple food
  • Well, back from Marrakech (Aqua Fun Club). Absolutely wonderful! The only 'problem' for me was that it seemed so far away from everything but the hotel itself was super. The staff were very accomodating, the food was second to non, hygiene was top form. Entertainment was limited but that was easily resolved by the eclectic mix of other holiday makers we met. And all no thanks to the non helpful communication of Broadway travel, one travel company I will never use again.
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    Just been reading everyones comments. Firstly I have just booked with broadway and am a little concerned now. However, I do have a friend who went to this hotel in January and said it was fantastic, clean and more than you can wish for. Everyone is friendly and they are always cleaning; probably based on old reviews. Might check the website now for broadway!!
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