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How to travel from East (tanzania, kenya) to West (cameroon) Africa?

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Next year I would like to visit a friend in Tanzania and then continue to Cameroon for volunteer work. Any suggestions on how to travel between these two countries? I could move from Tanzania to Kenya (or another neighbouring country) if that would make it easier...
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    You take Kenya Airways flight from Dar Es sallam to Nairobi to connect on a direct flight either to Doualla or Younde.
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    I have not used Planet Africa Safaris so I can't comment on their specific tour.  But Tanzania Safari Koh Phangan Hotels is a great travel destination.  Much of the country is a high altitude plateau (about a mile or so above sea level), with hills and old volcanic cones.  So the landscape doesn't lend itself to dramatic waterfalls like, say, Victoria Falls down south.  I think your time would be better spent on safari than hunting down waterfalls unless someone else knows different.

    You can make your own travel plans to Zanzibar but if it's not too expensive your agent might be able to get a much better room rate than you can.  If you want to go independent for Zanzibar, the Lonely Planet guide will be very helpful.

    Manyara national park has areas that lend themselves to biking as they are flat.  However, be careful about going out by yourself for a hike or a bike ride.  There are animals in the forests that might kill and eat you.  Always do these sorts of activities in a group.   Always follow the advice your your tour guide regarding where to go and what to do -- he knows where it's safe.

  • I have not use this rout that's why i am not confirm but simple like that take ticket to Kenya from Cameroon and use flights during the travelling instead of any other way.. 
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