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Need info on Ethiopian Cuisine

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Hello guys, can you please suggest a few Ethiopian dishes? If a visitor is curious about Addis Ababa and Ethiopia, what dishes should he try?


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    The defining feature of Ethiopian food is Injera, the unleavened, freshly made bready pancake that comes with every meal. In fact most meals are served on top of Injera.

    Here is a pic of a typical and amazingly tasty meal I had in Lalibela:

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    The stuff in the bowl is called "ful" but its quite common to East Africa.

    Here is a better shot of a typical meal, containing lots of meat - goat,lamb - and curried potato, all on a bed of Injera:

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    how interesting, food served on a flat bread, never seen anything like it before, thanks David
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    Yes, how many foods are not only the meal, but the plate, and the spoon as well? (You use the bread to scope food in your mouth.)

    I should also mention that the bread is very nutritious, has no gluten, and is made from a grain called "tef". The injera tastes a little sour, but is quite addictive.
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