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British passport via my father

edited July 2011 in Visa and Passport
My father was born in Cleethhorpes, County of Lincoln (Lindsey), England in 1961, his parents then immigrated to Zimbabwe (old Rhodesia).
They then moved to South Africa, and in 1980, to enable him to do his electrical apprenticeship for the South African railways, he had to give up his British citizenship, as only South African residents were allowed.
His father who also lives in South Africa is still a British citizen.

My question is, am I his daughter allowed to apply for my British passport?


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    I have the same problem and am trying to find out if I qualify for A UK Passport
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    LOL are you wanting me to buy a passport. I think I am fine. @ Janny I explained my situation to the British consulate and had no problem as I am entitled to it through my farther and turns out my farther never actually gave up his citizenship, luck me.
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    LOL sorry Janny, somebody posted a comment saying I should buy it from them and then removed their post LOL!!!
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    Hi guys, we've been hit hard lately buy some spammers advertising counterfeit passports. Those posts are removed as quickly as we can get to them!

    B.Nicholls, glad you managed to find the info you needed!
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