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Tunisia holiday - Passport expiry issue

edited July 2011 in - Tunisia
I have booked a holiday to tunisia in September my Irish passport runs out in September, can i still travel there if i get it renewed now? I will be travelling with my son who has 4 years left on his passport and am hoping this will help as we have the same address. Can anyone give me information on this? Caz.


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    Off to Newport to renew my passport as has 5 1/2 months left on it ! advised by foreign office ,as Tunisia may not accept. Have to drive 110miles to do so ! best not take chance most places want 6months.
    Good luck
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    Have found out there is no truth in having to have any amount of months on your passport before travelling anywhere. As long as you have enough cover to return you back to your own country. Got this information from the passport office in Dublin, Ireland.
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    Good luck with that. I am hopeful that they are right, but you never know how people will behave in their own country. Personally I would get it renewed!
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