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Hi There!
Me and my family are travelling to LA and wonder if anyone can give any tips on do's and don'ts, I have a 14yr old and a 10 month old and will be travelling in April -
For example one thing I have been thinking a lot about is, how friendly are the restaurants in LA when it comes to a 10 month old at a lunch time or recommended restaurants??
Safe beaches??
Best theme park for my 14yr old and how would you advise on getting to San Diego Zoo from LA - car or train or bus??


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    Personally, I would avoid staying "in LA". You'll pay a lot more and for a vacationing family, most of the areas you will probably want to see are outside the city. Of course, for a 14yr old, Disney is probably a good choice (and there are lots of places to stay out that direction which vary in cost -- particularly if you're willing to stay a mile or two away from the park). Anaheim is where you can start searching and branch out from there. Easily, from LA, the best way to get to the SD Zoo is to drive. When we visit, we rent a car at LAX, drive and stay near the Disney resort area (usually a mile or down the street near the Marriott), and then drive down to SD. We've also driven over to the various beaches -- although I'm not an beach person, so I'll let someone else comment there.
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