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Border-crossing from North Cyprus to South Cyprus

Hello! I'm flying to Turkey coming Aug, 5th and I'll spend 9 days travelling all over the country, and on the 13th I'll be flying from Izmir to Nicosia, but I'll immediately want to cross the border to the southern part of the island, and then I'd like to rent a car as I'll spend 6 days driving around Paphos, Limassol and Larnaca. Which are the possible spots in Nicosia to cross the border? Is Nicosia divided into two sections, Greek and Turkish? The border-crossing points are within the city or outside of it? No problem to do the same in reverse order, I mean, crossing the border again from the south part to the north part through the same spots in Nicosia, once my flight back to Izmir leaves from the north Cyprus? Thank you very much for your attention and helping hand!


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    Firstly, Cyprus is an island and therefore has no border.

    Secondly, the Republic of Cyprus does not recognise the ports in illegally occupied areas, so you may not be able to cross from the north to the free areas. The 'TRNC' is recognised as a state only ny the occupying county, Turkey.

    There are several crossing points to the north, a couple in Lefkosia (Nicosa), you just need to show passport.

    You may not be able to take a hire car from the north to the south, but hiring in the south is no problem.

    Greek-Cypriots are not allowed to live in the north (except for an enclave in the peninsual) but Turkish-Cypriots both live and work in the south.
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    Hello Marcelosjc,

    So, did you visit Cyprus and if you did what happened? I am asking you because i will have a visitor from Turkey and I am wandering if I can cross the border with him.
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    You can move freely between north and south Cyprus. Just because you choose to start your visit to northern Cyprus does not mean you cannot travel across the border into the south - (Republic of Cyprus). The only restriction concerning hiring a car is that if you hire a car in the south, you will be advised not to cross into the north as the car is not insurance for travel in north. You would be held totally responsible if anything should happen to the hire car in the north should you have an accident. The same restriction would apply if you choose to hire a car in the north.

    If you would like to read more about northern Cyprus click here...
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    The alternative is to get an airport transfer from Larnaca to the North and hire a car while you're in the North. It's much easier. I believe offer this as a whole service.
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    Hi all,
    I am after some advice on Cyprus. Is it currently possible to fly into Southern Cyprus, cross the
    boarder and then fly out of Northern Cyprus?
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    None of the rentals car from North Cyprus will allow you to take their cars to South Cyprus as there are some insurance complications. The best options for such situation is to get a transfer from Ercan to border crossing in Nicosia and hire a car in South Nicosia.
  • Beyaz, there is no need to rent a car from either Larnaca or Ercan as taxis go easily between the north and the south of Cyprus.
  • Hallo. I'm EU citizen and planning to go by car to Cyprus. The final destination is Limassol, but I'm planning to take ferry from Turkey to North Cyprus, and then travel further to Southern Cyprus. So, the crossing of border is expected. Could anyone advice about the regulations/limitations for crossing the border (from North to South) for EU citizen by car (registered in EU).
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    Crossing the border between occupied north Cyprus and South Cyprus is fairly hassle free and local Cypriots from both sides cross the border on a daily basis for shopping, business, etc. But, most car rental companies do not allow you to cross the border due to insurance issues. Check before hiring if you want to cross. You'll need a passport before crossing.
    Visit for destination advice
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    f anything should happen to the hire car in the north should you have an accident. The same restriction would apply if you choose to hire a car in the north.
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    Getting across the Cyprus border by shuttle is fairly cheap: normaly transfer from Kyrenia to Ercan 120 TL one person. bu this web site 1 person 29 TL 2 person 54TL 3 person 75 TL
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    You can see all details about going to Cyprus, North Cyprus and around the island here

    i hope that helps.
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