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Entry by land into Bulgaria requirements

edited July 2011 in - Eastern Europe
I a supposed to be flying from Johannesburg, South Africa to Istanbul and then straight onto Sofia. My flight carrier just informed me by email that my layover has changed to a 24 hour layover in Istanbul. I want to know if it is at all possible for me to catch a train from Istanbul to Sofia (BULGARIA) from the airport or somewhere close by. I understand that the visa I will have for Bulgaria will be entry by air so I also want to know whether it is possible to enter Bulgaria by land.


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    We're Australian and want to drive a motor home into Bulgaria. Are there any restrictions? We don't know where we will purchase the m/h but probably UK or Germany. Does anyone know if there are any restrictions to Ozzies (non residents) to the purchase and later sale of motor homes? Any comment appreciated.
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