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Pakistani Passport, French Residence Card (expired Schengen)

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I have a Pakistani Passport & French Student Residence Card (my Schengen expired 2 years ago, because they give me a residence card). I was wondering if i can get the visa at the border control?

I have read the other thread but that deals with UK visa & not French Residence Card and was wondering if it is considered the same?

thanks in advance!


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    Hi Shadow King

    I have just tried to get onto the MFA website for you for the official line on your situation but at the moment it seems to be undergoing an update.

    I will check back later!!!
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    This is what is on the website for holders of passports from Pakistan.
    Pakistan: Official passport holders are exempted from visa for their travels to Turkey up to 90 days. Ordinary passport holders are required to have visa to enter Turkey. Ordinary passport holders with a valid Schengen, UK or US visas may get their one month single entry visas at the Turkish border gates upon their arrival

    I suggest you contact the Turkish Embassy in Paris or one of the Consulate in Strasbourg, Paris, Lyon or Marseille for clarification.

    The MFA website still appears to be undergoing some sort of maintenance so is not always very accessible.

    Also as things change here so quickly and without notice you are possibly better getting the information from the Embassy.
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    Hello Clarecg,

    Thank you for your suggestion & help! I contacted the counsulate & they said i need a visa! Surprisingly, Visa is more worthwhile than Residance Permit! :-)

    The problem, is i will get my new passport (in Paris) just a day or 2 before my trip to Greece & that makes it technically next to impossible to get the Turkish visa (in Marseille, i cant get it in Paris as per them coz i live near Marseille...) and therefore i was wondering if i can get it from the border. however, i have also contacted MFA in Istanbul & will post the reply once i have one from them!!

    Crossing my fingers & praying for a +ve reply!

    thx once again!
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    Hi Shadow King

    Yes I guess a visa has more validity. i couldn't for example travel on my Turkish resident's visa!!!

    Really hope you get a reply soon. I hesitate to say yes just come as things can be very dependent on who you get on the day as other forumites have shown!!!

    Keep an eye on the MFA site though for any changes. I'm still searching for other information for you!

    Good Luck!!!

    Now if you were on a cruise I believe that cruise ship passengers don't need a visa for a day visit or one up to 72 hours but again that may have changed!!!
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    Hello Clarecg,

    You have been quite kind! :-)

    I havent got the response & i will try to get the visa from Paris .. before taking the border control risk! :-)

    AS yet no response from MFA so i think il call them & post the reply for others ...

    thanks a lot!
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    Good Luck

    Better to be safe than be refused entry and lose your holiday
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