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What is required to go to Norway for a week?

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We're visiting our foreign exchange student and her family this summer and are wondering what all we have to do to go. I know we need a visa but do we need certain shots? (medicine, vaccination?)




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    No, Norway is a safe country with a great health service and no dangerous diseases. If you live in a "western" country I purpose you're already vaccinated to the most common diseases, and that will be enough. In general, no special immunizations or medications are necessary for travel to Norway.
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    We are cruising the Norwegian Fjords middle July and wanted to know what best to take e.g. eurocheques, travellers cheques, currency etc.

    We would also appreciate comments on weather - is it very rainy in Fjords and is the weather going to be cold/warm/hot??

    Many thanks for help

    Sylvia - West Midlands
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    i am traveling to Bergen, Norway and am wondering if i should wear long sleeves and pant's or shorts or a t-shirt? closed over the top shoes or sandals?hat or no hat?coat jacket sweeter or nothing? i am going in July.
    i am also wondering if i should brig a face mask for sleeping purposes?

    thanks to anyone who can help me =)

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    Jarhead Jim,

    I know this is way too late for a useful answer, but still: You're not stating which country you belong to (are a citizen of) but if you're from any western ("developed") country I don't see why you would need a visa to visit Norway as a tourist.


    I suppose you've already found out that getting money from cash machines/ATMs was/is the best way to obtain cash in Norway. They're practically everywhere, and the user fees are reasonable, if any at all.

    As for the weather, there's no way of telling in general terms. It may be cool and rainy one day, warm and sunny the next.

    Person: Let the actual weather that particular day decide what you wear. There are no dress codes based on religion or public morals in Norway, if that's what you have in mind. Anything goes, as far as fear of being frowned upon is concerned.
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    hi, me and my husband are visiting Oslo, Norway. Soon we are gng to apply for visa as we are from Africa. We have a stay in Uk for a week then gng to oslo. We haven't book for flights and wanted to get the cheapest flight fare. We will be flying from LHR to Gardermeon. what airlines is cheapest and good. Or atleast got any contact of travel agents in Uk coz online rates are showing very high... Thanks

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    I'll be flying in to Oslo and I have a connecting flight on Norwegian Air to Molde. My flight arrives 1540 from Amsterdam and the Norwegian Air leaves at 1710. Will I have enough time to make the Norwegian flight? (Customs and Immigration, I'm a US citizen. It wasn't a problem until Norwegian Air changed the departure time.
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    Hi! As far as I know, it won`t be a problem catching the other flight , even it it means you have to run from one gate to another. But I don`t think it will be problem...
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    That amount of time should be more than enough. If your flight gets delayed then be sure you tell staff you have a connecting flight - they will often delay domestic flights to wait for passengers arriving from delayed international flights.
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    thank you, tata and kafka! It was very helpful.
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    i want to travel to oslo norway by june or july and presently i based in tripoli libya and i'm a citizen of nigeria, can some one help me out on how to get a dirict visa and a direct flight, the price most importantly round trip.
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    Please help, I am going to Spitzbergen in June for a week. Would like to know what kind of weather I can expect in mid June. I come from sunny South Africa and certainly not used to extreme weather conditions. What sort of clothing should I take along ?
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    I am doing an assessment in college for an eco-friendly holiday in Norway and it would be much appreciated for any information about that kind of holiday.
    thank you in advance.
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    Hi johnboy 1964.
    I'm not sure what you mean by your question, but I will try to help you. If you by eco-friendly means that you are going to take care of our enviroment as much as you can during your holiday, I will suggest you use a bicycle, cause that's possible here. You can sleep in a tent at camping-sites or in the wilderness, and it's legal to camp in the "wild" for three days/nights at a time, then you have to move on to another place. You can buy eco-friendly food in our stores, and you can drink the water in the creeks or rivers, though it's vice to taste the water first, to see that it's all right to drink it. If you want to go fishing your own fish, that's legal a lot of places in the wilderness. Some places you have to buy a permit, but then there are usually small posters around in the area telling you were to buy it.
    You have to be causious with bon-fires and open flames, because there might be restraints to follow hence using those things. Using a primus (kind of a little stove) is allowed.
    If you want to clean up or take a bath, you may do so in most of the lakes, creeks and rivers. If the water is used for drinking only, there will be posters in the area telling you so.
    I don't know if this was what you meant, johnboy 1964, but if it was, and if there are other things you want to know, just ask, and I'll try to answer. I'm going out of town for the weekend, but I'll check back here when I get home. :-)
    Have a nice weekend :-)
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    Hi Sylvia,

    a friend from the UK went to Norway in mid June this year to shoot a film. He spent six days there and described the weather as being in Spain one day and on the Isle of Skye the next, (Henning is very correct). He recently posted his short film on the internet (it's mostly scenic views of Norway). View it and see for yourself!

    / H
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    Hi, I am a U.S. citizen and want to travel to Oslo this fall. I know it is probably less than desirable for tourism, but my family is from Norway and I am feeling a strong desire to reconnect with my roots, so that would be the greatest use of my time there. What kind of suggestions would you offer for someone like myself (female, traveling alone)?
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    Somebody invited me and my daughter to go to Norway for 14 days, we filipinos, i would like to know the documents i will be needing then.thank you..
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    i am a Nigerian visiting Norway for the first time, pls what are the required documents eg visa, insurance etc.

    Thank you
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    " Hi, I am a U.S. citizen and want to travel to Oslo this fall. I know it is probably less than desirable for tourism, but my family is from Norway and I am feeling a strong desire to reconnect with my roots, so that would be the greatest use of my time there. What kind of suggestions would you offer for someone like myself (female, traveling alone)?"

    Im from norway.. and i would suggest not to go to Oslo at all. We norwegian dont feel like we are in our one country when we are there.
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    Hello sino po ba jan ang mag tourist travel sa norway, kc pupunta ako tourist lang gusto ko sana mkisabay 1st time ko kasi sa july ang flight ko
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    1st time ko kc mag travel alone kaya talagang kabado ako..pls sana may makasabay ako thanks
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    here my fb account [email protected]
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