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New Hiker and need some advice..

edited August 2011 in World Wide
I've always wanted to go hiking and finally I've got the courage to do so..
Any advice for a first time hiker?


  • Welcome to the great outdoors on foot. Hiking is as wide open a topic as there are places to go but here are a few tips that are generally applicable:
    1. Become very familiar with the area that you plan to go hiking in. Research all there is to know, in particular speak with others who have done it so you can learn from their experience. Try and find out if what is best; a guided hike or a solo trip and also the degree of difficulty so you can determine whether the hike is within your fitness level.
    2. Gear and supplies - make sure your equipment and supplies are suitable and adequate (too much stuff can be almost be as bad as too little). Footwear is particularly important - make sure that you have sturdy and comfortable footwear. So too is water and food supplies.
    3. Always let some one know your plans and expected route and time of return.

    Hope this help, there are lots more stuff to add but I would prefer to respond to specific questions than making further general comments.
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