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French language schools in Courchevel

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I am spending two weeks in Courchevel. I would like to spend the time improving my French language skills. Does anyone know of any language schools in or around Courchevel?


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    one of my friend (from Australia)went to Luberon to learn french. In two weeks, he learned a lot, I was so surprise...
    I met his teacher, she's really nice and patient.
    the name of the school: Franci discendum, in a small pretty place called Caseneuve.
    perhaps it can help you

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    Sorry No there isnt a language school in Courchevel, its a ski resort in winter and has few guest in the summer, those that do go are there for walking or mountain biking
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    This company here provide language lessons and are based in Courchevel -

    We are going there this summer for a week as a family, having sent our two boys there last summer.
  • Maybe it's too late for mirabelle but it can help other people. I went to in Provence and it was great. The region is wonderful (maybe a little bit turistic and expensive) and the teacher tought me French directly in my house that she booked for me.
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