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Port El Kantaoui

edited August 2011 in - North Africa
 My husband , 13 year old daughter and I are going to Port El Kantaoui next week , I have read so many bad and a fair few good reviews , I am a bit worried , any help really appreciated .
What is the best way to carry money , ie travellers cheques , money cash card thing or plain British pound ?
Will we be frightened by the harassment when out at the shops ? 
We are staying at Hotel Golf Residence , Is this a nice enough hotel ?
Many many thanks in advance , I am so looking forward to this holiday if a little apprehensive .
Kind Regards Yvonne .


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    I went to Tunisia with my partner and our daughter on 3 occasions so far. (My daughter was 3, 4 and 4.5 respectevily). We went to Port el Kantaoui 3 times amd we stayed in the same hotel.
    I love Tunisia and being there. The best shops are at the corner next to the big gate leading to the marina. When you see it you will know what I mean. The prices are fixed and people are kind and don't hassle. Also at the beginning of marina shops are fine. When you get to the second part of marina - then people hassle more.
    Also there are two shopping centres near El Mouradi Palace - they have good things with fixed prices and these are good.
    Mostly people don;t harasse too much. Try to rememeber that this is their living, but if you don;t want to buy smething - just say 'La shukran' - means: no, thank you. this usually helps.
    Port el kantoui is a lovely town, people are nice, food is great. there are always negatives everyhwere, so always watch your things, like anywhere else in the world.
    I am definately going to go back to Tunisia, it has so much to offer if you can - go to El Jem, Sidi Bou Said, Friguis Zoo, (there is also a little zoo in port el kantoui centre).
    Tunisia is a great country, usually you can wear typical holiday clothes, the only thing is - August is Ramadan, so please bear in mind and keep yourself not too much revealing, and try to avoid to obvious drinking and eating in public, just as a matter of respect.
    If you have any questions - please ask. I am happy to help you.
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    Hi Beata , thank you for your reply , you have been very helpful , Tunisia looks a beautiful country , we are very excited to see this wonderful place and all the excursions aswell , I am aware that it is Ramadam when we will be there , have read so much about what not to do , would never dream of doing anything that would be disrespectful . When in Rome and all that :)
    Regarding the hotel , how did you find it ? Do the safety deposit boxes seem safe enough to leave a lot of cash in there ? Or would you advise travellers cheques ?
    Is the a cash machine in or near the hotel ? This is really the only thing worrying me now how to take an keep money safe .
    I will look out for the shops and will think of you when I see them , many many thanks again for taking the time to answer , I will write a review when we get home , I am really looking forward to it now . Kind Regards Yvonne .
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    Hi Yvonne
    SOrry for the late reply, but was away in Morocco.
    Regarding the hotel, I think I expressed myself incorrectly - I meant I stayed 3 times in the same hotel, but it was El Mouradi Palace. I can strongly recommend you this hotel: people who work there are nice, food is nice, rooms are good (apparently could be updated but I really liked them anyway). I hope your hotel is going to be good too.
    money - we exchanged money wither at the airport - or at the hotel or in this shop which is in the tower bordering the big gate. I have a photo somewhere, but I am sure you will find a shop. there is a bottom shop and upper shop- go upstairs and there is money exchange place. they only exchange oney for their clients but it's one of the best places to buy souvenirs.
    Re Ramadan, I was just in Marrakech and tried to wear suitable clothes - or at least wore a scarf covering my shoulders etc, but there were many other tourist who didn't bother at all, some were actually ridiculous, but as far as I know tourists are tourists and are not obliged to do ramadan, I just personally think that if we go somewhere to a different country and culture we should respect otehr laws and customs. :) Outside of Ramadan I wore normal clothes in Tunisia - but not on the first occasion. I came to know the country and its people after a while and certainly like them.
    Again - there are people and people - hope your experience will be as nice as mine.
    also - re cash - I would not keep to much cash in a room anywhere in the world. Use cash machines instead. draw some money and if you need more - draw more. maybe they charge you sme money - but it's safe. I didn;t experience anything negative from the staff.
    there are so many things I could tell you about Tunisia. :) but you might be already there. oh, lucky you. :) I suppose if you are still in UK - you can call me. not sure if I can leave tel no. :) or mail. reply and we'll see. :) yu can view our photos on there are a few albums for Tunisia - in 2009, 2010 and 2011.
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    I suppose if you send me a msg vis webshots then we can exchange tel no, if you prefer to talk. :)
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    If any of you would like information then please go to the threads for Tunisia and I can answer all your questions.
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    Hi Beata , I am very sorry fir this late reply , have only just got email saying there was a new reply to my question , Well we have been and conquered , we loved it so much are looking forward to going back next year , what can I say I was fretting and worrying for nothing . It was fantastic the best holiday we have had , everything was excellent , our hotel (Golf Residence) was great , staff couldn't fault them at all , even during Ramadam they were fantastic couldn't do enough for us , the maids , waiters were also excellent , but the animation team were outstanding what an amazing job they all do , brilliant lads always so happy an cheery an try to involve as many people that were willing to participate , we can't wait to go back , so wish I had booked for longer than 1 week , will definitely be going for longer next year , thank you again for all your help , Kind Regards Yvonne .
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    Hi Lesley , I am new to this site and finding it quite hard to navigate around it , I think I read back in august when I was try to find information about Tunisia that you live there and have a great knowledge of the country , you are very blessed , I also tried to write to you back in august but to no avail , I have found this site very helpful and informative , many thanks for all the information you put on here , I'm sure it helps many many people , it certainly helped me Kind Regards Yvonne .
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    Yvonne - I am so sorry but I didn't get your message!! Yes, I live here and yes I am blessed. I love this country and I love living here. So, so proud to have been here during the revolution, supporting my family and friends and so proud of the courage of all Tunisians. I certainly hope you will come back and enjoy future vacations with us.
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    Hi Lesley , Yes you are very lucky to live there , I have definately fell in love with it , and will without a doubt be back next year , I am looking to come back again during Ramadam as we lived it then and thought it may not have been as busy because of Ramadam . Is it true that Ramadam next year will be roughly at the end of July into the beginning of August ? So I can try to plan holiday during that time , many thanks again Yvonne .
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    Hi Yvonne - at the moment we think that Ramadan will be towards the end of July and yes you are right it is not so busy, however, next year may be different as we will have had our elections and things will start to be running smoothly we hope inchallah! And as it is very hot at that time of the year it maybe that Tunisia and the beach resorts could be quite busy. But we are ready to welcome you back any time.
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    Hi Lesley , Well I'll be back sooner that next year , I've found a bargain so will be visiting in October , I'm so excited to be coming over again so soon , really looking forward to it , I'm hoping it will still be warm enough to relax by the pool , I have read mixed reviews about the weather in October , I guess it's just your luck , Inchallah it will be for us . Have you heard any weather predictions for October ? .
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