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icmeler, Turkey

edited August 2011 in - Turkey
Hi all this is not my first time to Turkey (I went back packing for 6 weeks) and its not like I haven't travelled been to most of Europe and the Americas and Asia etc. so I'm street wise enough, but what I have never done in all the years I have travelled is to have a package holiday!!! this is a first for me, now usually I take my time over things and mull over where I'm going and what to do when I'm there, i pick places because there interesting, not so much for the beach but things to do and see, (in Icmeler) i was looking for 2 things and i just cant find them, looking for a farm that sells goat cheese (halloumi cheese) and sausages (Past?rma Sucuk ) the small ones, not the size of salami, anyone have any tips of what to see and do in and around the aria i would be much appreciated, thanks for looking
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