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looking for irish women who have married algerian men ( for help )

edited August 2011 in - Tunisia
dear sir/madam
i am an irish woman going to marry my algerian boyfriend ( the love of my life ) we are going to marry in tunisia. so have any irish woman done this experience before i need to know what we have to do after getting married because we wont make the visa officers think that we are marrying for the visa !!
so please help me by your advice and experience to know what i should do in fact we wont rush anything and take every step in the right time

thank you


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    I'm not sure I understand your question?? If you mean you want to get your b/f to Ireland then that's a whole different story. If you mean entry to Tunisia then they are not going to ask you if you are getting married for a visa or not. If you can give me some more information then I can try to assist you
  • hello guys i m from algeria,  i m going to marry irish girl but in algeria not in tinisia i want to know what to do !

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