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Where to Stay in Tunisia

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We've read enough on this and other sites to believe that Tunisia is currently safe. Our local travel agents told us they largely stopped selling packages to Tunisia though because of political instability and the conflict in Libya. They did say if we really want to go they do have a few charter flights still going. That is good, because we are pretty sure we still want.

The question is really where is best? My wife and I will be travelling with our 15-month old son in about 2-weeks time (basically the second half of September). That means that we will for the most part be just relaxing at the resort, as our son will limit our exploring a great deal. We would still like to be able to get out of the resort on nice walks to experience a little of the local life, easily get baby supplies, and also see a few sites as long as they don't require all day trips. Based on this, where would be the best place to stay? We are thinking Sousse since it is not purely a tourist town like we understand Hammamet to be. Any recommendations on areas, specific hotels, and/or anything else would be appreciated.

Also, if not renting a car, how easy is it to get around with a baby stroller using public transport?



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    I went to Port el Kantaoui 3 times over last 18 months and certainly can recommend this town. It's just outside of Sousse but I think is nicer :) I stayed in El Mouradi Palace and can say that the service there is great, food is nice, and people like little children. :) I took my daughter (3, 4 and 4.5 respectively) there and she loved it. The hotel is on the beach and there is also a swimming pool.
    It's easy to walk to teh centre where you can see a pretty marina. There is also a golf club nearby. In summer they had light and sound fountian show in POrt el kantoui. I dont know if it is still on in September. There is also a little zoo in the town centre and a entertainment park. 45 min away you can visit a big zoo - Friguia.
    Tunisia is safe and people are nice. But you always have to watch your things, like anywhere in the world.
    You would normally use taxis - didn't see much of any other public transport. However they have NOddy train running from the town centre of Port el Kantoui to Sousse.
    Places close by worth seeing are El Jem, Monastir, Nabeul. But - I think it's worth visiting Sidi Bou Said in Tunis and Carthage - but it's a day trip.
    We always rent a car, but if you are not a brave driver then don't do it.
    Tunisia is my favourite place and I love it. 100% recommended.
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    by the way - we always booked through and they have children-go-free places. never had problems with them. however, if you need a transfer - use - its 3 times cheaper. :)
    and to be honest - I think people exagerate about unsafety in Tunisia - we were in Sfax on 25.12.2010 when there were riots, but when we were there - there were nothign to suspect at all. we drove from tunis to tatouine - far south - and back and we didn;t experience anythinng negative (it was end of December 2010 - shortly before Jasmijne revolution). I feel safer in Tunisia than in London.
    of course something may happen - you never know. If you are in a wrong time in a wrong place - than nothing helps. it may happen anywhere - Manchaster, London or Sousse or anywhere.
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    Thanks for the comments.

    We are considering the Movenpick Resort & Marine Spa in Sousse.
    Anyone been?
    We're having trouble finding another one in Sousse that seems just right. But again - maybe we should be considering Monastir, Hammamet, or Port El Kantaoui?
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    @jl321 my wife and i are going to tunisia hammamet HOTEL ROYAL NOZHA we have been in tunisia twice and we went to the hammamet it was nice staying there !
    and if u want to go to different places u can rent a care tht is my advice
    anything you want to know feed back
  • Hello,

    I would advice you Djerba as destination , it is a romatinc and calme iseland in southern Tunisia.
    Hotels are better as well as services and prices.
    Once there, a lot of trips and things to do are possible.
    If you want to get some photos concerning hotels and trips, along with descriptions and prices feel free ton contact me in private message.

    Best regards
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    I'm sure Djerba is great, but it seems a bit too close to Libya given the situation there. Not sure I want to take my 15-month old son there right now.
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    are there any other destinations recommended besides Djerba?
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    Tunisia has some beautiful areas that offer great holiday destinations, however it depends on what you want from your holiday. There are no problems in Djerba and please remember that there are many border crossings from Libya to Tunisia but it is not causing any problems for tourists.

    My favourite beachy type areas are: Nabeul which is a calm and beautiful city. It has great restaurants, a lovely souk and it's easy to navigate. Hammamet is quite lively with lots of bars, cafes etc but can get very crowded during the summer months.

    Sousse has a very interesting medina and souk and is very historic but like Hammamet it can be quite crowded at times. the Movenpik is very new and I have heard good things about it, but it is very expensive by Tunisian standards and I have been told that the prices of alcoholic drinks in the hotel is extreme. However it does have a good position in Sousse. PEK is a purpose built tourist resort area and is clean and calm, however, prices are high and you will find only other tourists there. Mahdia is one of our most beautiful cities on the beach but of course in winter is quite cold and you can't swim, but for relaxing and peace I vote this no 1

    If anyone wants more information then I'm happy to help.
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    Hello, I choose to stay in Hammamet at Le Sultan Hotel for the first few days, then for a change, choose Vincii Flora Park for the remainder of my trip.See links below for details. will show several different online sites to book through. The first site will take you directly to the Le Sultan hotel page. Do your research online to get the best prices.
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    hi there can anyone tell me is tunis i nice place to stay me and my hubby and my2 children are looking on staying at the caribean resort has anyone stayed there? i just want to no if its a good family resort
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    Corrine - Tunis is our capital located in the north-east. It is a wonderful city with lots to do and see and a great mix of the ancient and very modern. I've not been to the caribean so can't comment. As long as it is a little out of the actual city and near to the beach then it should be fine. If you are looking for a family holiday that is a bit more relaxing and on the beaches then perhaps look further down along the coast at Nabeul, Hammamet, Sousse, Kantaoui - all very good places for kids
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    Sumit - it will depend very much on the area that you prefer to stay. It will also depend on the time of year. Of course if you visit in the summer months then the prices will be higher as it is peak tourist season. If you wish to stay in the heart of Tunis then there are many, many cheap and clean hotels. You should check through the internet in regard to prices
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    I have heard that like Morrocco, Tunisia now has boutique hotels and more up market places to stay away from the main tourist areas - where are these places?
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    hi im thinging off goin to tunisia which are the best places to stay ,we like going on trips shopping and eating of course when er not laying on the beach any suggestions please we are in our 40s
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    Hi you!! If you stay in Tunisia, You can come and visit Thomsons. It looks lovely and beautifly.
  • i have been to Tunisia a number of times

    My advice is go all inclusive,mainly because its your first time.and
    the fact you are taking your daughter snacks and soft drinks etc can add
    up .We took our grandson in May .so i know how costs can mount

    My experience when booking is the difference price wise between full
    board and all inclusive is minimal. However, i would also suggest you
    try to get out and about. A lot of people on all inclusive do tend to
    stay in the hotel complex. There are many very good AI hotels I will
    mention the one i recently stayed at...

    The Riviera Hotel Port El Kantaoui is worth checking (Thomson website) also reviews of the hotel on this site

    Animation team are the best i have seen .Great shows .and the kids
    love them (adults too!) Also next to the beach, and you can use the
    facilities in the Sister hotel next door .Its maybe a bit pricey for
    some though at the moment but its a wonderful hotel and staff are
    great.They will organise trips and excursions for you cheaper than the
    holiday companies.

  • thanks to all for your good advice, and i think manroger are right..
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