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RE: Extra charges at Lagos International Airport

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Can someone please help me urgently? My friend went out to Nigeria this week to source African art objects as he is an art dealer. He has never been to Africa before. He has a return flight to the UK via Amsterdam tonight at 22.30 (14th March 2009) and has paid KLM £1800 for 2 flight tickets for him and his 11 year old daughter. He only has £135 on him in cash and no credit cards. Now at the airport they are saying that he has to pay an extra £500 (£300 for him and £200 for his daughter) for Boarding Pass Authority which goes to the Nigerian government apparently. He is in a dilemma as he doesn't know what to do. He has spoke with KLM staff at the airport and they have said that they are having lots of problems there just now with people getting charged this extra money.

What I want to know is, is this right or is it just some kind of scam to get more money out of people. His flight price includes airport tax and fuel surcharges so why is he being asked to pay this extra money? Can someone please help as this is really urgent. His flight is booked for tonight and leaves at 22.30 hours


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    Scam. There is no Boarding Pass Authority. Absolute bollocks. He musnt pay any money to them; you musnt pay any money to him.
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