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Visa on arrival

edited August 2011 in - Tunisia
Hi There,

Can you tell me if in Tunisia a south african can still get a visa on arrival.

Thanks so much


Also how much is it? and can i pay with GBP? Thanks!


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    Hi - currently SA passport holders get a visa on arrival. See here for more details:
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    Hi David,

    Thanks so much for this. We are off there next wednesday. Never been but looking forward to it.

    Joanna x
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    Hi Joanna, as further preparation can I recommend that you get in touch with our Tunisia expert - in fact THE Tunisia expert - Lesley at [email protected] or via this forum. Please use her services if you need tours or travel advice!
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    Hi Joanna I am about to leave on Sunday to Tunisia with my husband and 2 children being on SA passports I am on British. We are going on a packaged holiday. Just wondered if you got a visa on arrival as many people seem to say on various blogs that you can get one on arrival but the embassy in London is adamant that you need a visa before hand and we do not have enough time to get ones? Any info on recent travelling on SA passport and confirmation if VOA's are issued to SA passport holders will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Jacoli
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    Hello am a nigerian citizen but presently in Tanzania, i like to travell to Tunisia on a short visit, how do i get a visa on arrival at the airport when i get to tunisia?, kindly send me an email on any advice at ( [email protected] )
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    Hi all and apologies - I've been without internet for a while. My latest information is that travellers on SA passports need to have a visa prior to arrival. You should always check with the Tunisian immi website for updated information. If you have a British passport you will be granted visa free for 3 months.
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    dude - I always get confused with this....if you are from Niger then you can have your visa on arrival but if you are from Nigeria you must have a visa before you arrive
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