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Guangzhou 20th of November

edited September 2011 in - China
I`ll visit Guangzhou 20th of November. I`ll stay for 5 days.I have a list for most of tourist attractions in Guangzhou which I collected from the net.I want to complete most of them.I would be grateful if you divide according to distance between each other.If I missed any other important place?? Is all worth visiting??
Thanks alot

1- Baiyun Mountain
2- Yuntai Garden
3- Xiangjang Safari Park
4- Yue Xiu Park
5- South China Botancial Garden
6- Conghua Hot Spring
7- Croco Park
8- Yuntai Garden
9- Bamo Scenery
10- Panya Lianhua Mountain
11- Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall
12- Pearl River Cruise
13- Beijing Road
14- Huanghuagang Park
15- Seven Star Crags Park
16- Dinghu Mountain Nature Reserve
17- White Cloud Mountain
18- Guanzhou Catholic Church
19- Ruyuan great Gorge
20- Huaisheng Mosque
21- Shamian Island
22- Zu Miao in Foshan
23- Million Sunflower Garden
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