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canadian marrying tunisian

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I am from canada and going to marry someone in tunisia, but i would like to know if i can this certificate of no impediment at the canadian embassy in tunis..


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    canadien - I think that this is a possibility, however, you should check with the embassy and make sure before you do this.
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    Yes all you have to do is go to canadian embassy in tunis and they will ask for your passport and you pay the fees and you will get the letter of impediment right away. if you have any other questions you can email me @ [email protected] I was married last year to a man whom i still love but all has changed since then. Now im trying to figure out if i am married in canada if i have not registered it here. I still love him but he changed after we were married and although i am aware of all the stories and read them before i went having hard time accepting this but all i want now is to move on .....i hope all works out for you....i dont regret it at all it was an eye opener !!!
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    Guest - my understanding is that if your marriage is legal and registered in Tunisia then the Government of Canada considers you married. However in order to divorce you must do that in Tunisia and then have your papers translated to re-marry at a later stage if you want
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    hi im married to a canadian girl since 9 months now and i still didnt heard nothing from the embassy she told me that she started the process in canada but as i said i still didnt heard nothing , can u please tell me how long it takes the process to be done ?thank you .
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