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Nearest airport to the Grand Canyon. Airports near the Grand Canyon.

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Hello - my parents are planning a trip to America for early next year. They will be travelling around the country for a month and want to take in the most famous sites. They really want to see the Grand Canyon but can't really work out how to get there. What is the nearest airport to the Grand Canyon, or are there no airports near to it? I know Las Vegas is fairly close but it looks like it is still a 4 hour drive. Any advise? Is the Grand Canyon on the way between two places, ie could they drive there on the way to something else?
Thanks, MM
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    One of the closest airports to the Grand Canyon in the Tusayan, AZ Grand Canyon Airport, about 7 miles from the south entrance. I usually fly into Flagstaff when I visit and drive to the Grand Canyon.
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    Given it's location you can fly either into Las Vegas, NV, or into Phoenix, AZ.
    Best way to get around is a rental car as there is a lot of ground to cover even around the GC.....the viewing platform is not on the National Parks side but on the North side of the canyon! Closest hotels are a few miles from hiking/viewing places and food is better/cheaper in town than in the park.
    A few National Parks on the North side/Utah, are worth seeing; coming from AZ there really is only Sedona that is visit-worthy.
    Remember: 4 hours drive is not long for US distances and driving in the US is very easy and not stressful at all!
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