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Passport Validity to Thailand

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I am on urgent need of help. My company assign me to go for training to Bangkok,Thailand for 4 days from 12-16 September (this month!) and my passport is expired in 3 months (valid until January 2012) and I am in other country at the moment closer to Thailand and planning to go back to my country of residence to renew my passport on 30th September . Will anyone be so kind to advise if they will allow me to enter Thailand with my 3 months passport? Thank you.


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    The official word if that passports for all nationals need 6 months validity. You could get lucky at immigration or, more likely, you could get sent back on the next flight. Sorry for your predicament..
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    For more info see our Thailand visa and passport information page.
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    Dear David, Thank you so much for your very quick reply, really grateful for it. I will give it a try and hopefully it will be fine. Despite of my trip :(, I think I start to like this forum very much. :)
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    Hi Dave
    I anm a South African living in Malaysia on a one year work visa. My company needs me to go to Thailand on a 4 day business trip. Could you please advise me on any additional visas or paperwork needed for the trip?

    Would highly appreciate your advice.

    thanks Joe
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    @joe - you don't need a visa for Thailand if you hold a South African passport. Just get stamped on the way in!
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    Your pages say 6 months extra is required on a passport for entry into Thailand, but the Thai government web site doesn't say so and the travel database that the airlines use (e.g. doesn't say so either. Is there a particular reason we should believe your site over official sources?
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    @Craig - there is a lot of contradictory information on this issue - highly authoritative sources like the British foreign office specifies 6 months are required on your passport, while Timaticweb, which provides data for all airlines visa sections, does not. At WordTravels, we have received feedback from travellers who have had problems with less than 6 months, and many reports from those who've had no issues at all. Since the pattern is erratic we have chosen to be cautious in our advice and specify that 6 months validity is required. In practice you may find this to be different, although I suspect that it depends on the immigration official and his/her mood. My personal advice is to renew your passport if you have time, and if not proceed with your trip knowing that in all likelihood you will be ok.
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    I have a question concerning my travel. When the country you're going to doesn't need visa from you, you can be too relaxed and act careless sometimes. I've lately realized that I have EXACTLY 6 months left at my passport from the day of arrival into Bangkok (25 October 2013 is my arrival next week & 25 April 2013 is the expiry date) What I'm concerned is, I might be missing this requirement for just one day. Do I have enough time on my passport, or should it have an expiry date 1 day after this 6 months, covering the whole ending day? I've heard about people who don't have enough validation periods nevertheless admitted into the country.

    FYI: I'll stay only a few days in Bangkok, I have a hotel reservation and a return ticket back home, had travelled there before.

    I've e-mailed both my country's embassy in Bangkok and Thai embassy here, in the meantime I'm looking for answers in many platforms.
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    CORRECTION: 25 October 2012 is the date.
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    hi dave i am to travel to bangkok between 3 to 9th march but my passport expires on 4.8.13 will i be allowed to travel to bangkok?
    whats is the passport norm for indians for the same..
    please help..
  • I have 27 weeks on my passport will I be Ok to enter Thailand thank you.
  • You do not give your nationality, so I will go with the general advice Your passport should be valid for a minimum period of 6 months from the date of entry into Thailand. Entry to Thailand is normally refused if you have a passport which is damaged or has pages missing.

    Your passport has 27 weeks validity as of today, which cutting it too fine , you need a new passport.
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