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Marrakesh in October/paying/tipping staff

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Going to Marrakesh in October with my husband, two grown-up children and our 13 and 11 year old. We're staying in the old city.
We've never been to Marrakesh before, and just wondering if anyone can give us hints and tips about what to see/do while we're there. I've a particular interest in food, history and textiles, my husband in fishing. (I'm just afraid of missing something!)
The property we have rented is staffed. That's a whole new experience for us. Can anyone give us hints on tipping the staff/paying for services etc? The owner (who is away just now and can't be contacted) said that they can arrange trips to the sea, or up the mountains, and that they can cook for us if we need it. What would be appropriate to pay for this? Hope one of you can help.


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    If you have the riad cook for you this will come at a price. Food is invariably centred on meat and seafood in Morocco although the riad will accommodate your requirements.
    In the medina are hundreds of Moroccan and European style restaurants which will be a feast for your taste buds. You will at some point be required to eat in the main square, Jemaa el Fna, just to say you have done it, where there are scores of stalls set up at sunset which specialise in meat dishes (lamb, beef) and sea food (squid, fish, snails). They are all numbered so if you find one which you would like to go back to then make a note of the number.
    There are many carpet weaving shops around the medina and you should be able to see some evidence of this in progress. Having said this, you will be hassled to the point of insanity to buy something which will only be worth a fraction of that demanded, This is where you will have to practice your haggling skills which applies to buying pretty much anything in Morocco; offer one third or less of what is asked and take it from there (just think what you would pay back home).
    As Marrakech is inland you will be unable to go fishing although a day trip to the coastal town of Essaouira is highly recommended as it is a peaceful place and easy to get to but the drive is three hours; Supratours bus is the way to go at 60Dh/€6 per head one way, you buy your ticket the day before travelling and buy the return ticket immediately on arrival.
    If you want info on what to see and a map then you will have to contact me by e-mail as I have documents which are very detailed for which there is no room to post here.
    Almost forgot - tipping depends on the level of service, if you are happy then give about 10 Dirhams which shouldn't break the bank. The trick with tipping is little and often but not too often!
    If you use a taxi and the driver uses the meter and doesn't overcharge then give a couple of Dh on top of the fare which should be around 12Dh to most places in the centre, but only if you use the petit taxi's, grand taxis are unmetered and you have to negotiate the fare.
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    Im traveling on 17th oct for 4 nights. Me and my mrs just for relaxing. any advice where to stay inside the city centre with top 5* hotel. My wife doesnt like these RAID. Any help plz with hotel and airport transfer.
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    Thank you johnk9159 for your very kind and informative comments. Not long to go now, and really looking forward to it. I'll e-mail you re. the maps. Thank you for being so helpful!
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    Marrakech is the top destination in Morocco and as such 5* hotels charge premium rates.
    There are, to my knowledge, 46 five star hotels in Marrakech, some are in Palmeraie where you find spas and the like with nothing much to see but there are free shuttles buses provided by hotels to get you to the centre.
    Others are within the medina and some just outside.
    One world famous 5* is La Mamounia, famed for well to do visitors like the Beckhams but at around €400 per night, is this really what you are looking for?
    Decide on the max you wish to pay and the location and we may better help you.
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    How can i get in contact with you about your welthe of information about Marrakech

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    jklejna @ a o l . com
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