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Best Riads in Marrakech

edited September 2011 in - North Africa
Hello, further to my last post about taking a short holiday in Marrakech. What are the best Riads in Marrakech? We are keen to stay in a boutique -style riad in the old town, ideally with a pool. Anyone able to give advice? Many thanks, M
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    Unfortunately for all of us there are several hundred riads and hotels within the medina (yes it really is that big) so making a decision on which is the best is near impossible as I haven't stayed at all of them.
    The following are the top six "boutique" style riads although I could go into the top twenty as there are quite a number of outstanding places with outstanding rates to match: Riad Zolah, Riad Zamzam, Riad Tizwa, Dar Tasnime, Riad Dama and Dar Warda.
    You will have to decide for yourself which you will go for; although advertised rates may be around €80-250 per night, you will find huge variations by searching the various booking agents online.
    You will have to check online to see whether any of these have pools although space really is restricted in the medina and very few have pools.
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