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Room sharing in Tunisia

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My partner and I are both in our mid-fifties and have booked a double room for a weeks stay at Port el Kantaoui in Tunisia. However in checking travel information, I was reminded that because Tunisia is a Muslim country "only married couples are allowed to share a room". Is this likely to cause us a problem when checking in? Does anybody have similar experience of co-habiting - but unmarried - heterosexual partners encountering any difficulties in sharing a hotel room?


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    In Libya it is forbidden for a couple that are not married to share a room in a hotel, in Tunisia it maybe the same , but contact the hotel you will be staying and ask were they stand in this situation, you might be surprised.
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    How must you prove that you are married? Carry a wedding license around?

    A ring?

    Or just bicker constantly...
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    Hi Lynnprescott - the rules are fairly rigid here in Tunisia but that is more for those of us who are residents or Tunisians. As tourists you should be fine! If there are any questions my advice is normally to explain that you are married, that in the West women have the legal right to keep their family name and that you were not aware that you needed to travel with your marriage certificate! A little white lie will not hurt.
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