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When is the best time to go to Marrakech

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When is the best time to go to Marrakech, Morocco? We are thinking about going in October/ November as I guess the weather is less hot then and perhaps there are less tourists? Otherwise we could go in March, April or May. We are thinking of going for around 5 days, if anyone has itinerary suggestions for Marrakech that would be great - would 5 days give us enough time to go to the Atlas mountains for example? What else is there to see nearby? M
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    Generally people go for dades Gorge or waterfalls. If you are into rafting then this is actually possible up in the mountains.
    April is a bit more expensive, peak time I understand.
    Winter suits me better but it does get cold during the evenings and into the morning.
    Go to Morocco Travel Guides at and check for info, there are some links on the side of the page.
    If that's no use then get in touch and I will send you list of sights and a map ([email protected]).
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    Hi Johnk
    Thanks for your response. We are thinking about going on 19 Nov but I have just read on a website that this is their wettest month and the roads are muddy and its not a great time to go. What's your view. Have you been to Marrakech in November?
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    No-one can predict the weather or say this year it will rain in November. On that note, there were only five days with moderate rainfall in November of last year.
    I have been for short stays during Sept-Nov and have only experienced slight rain.
    Whilst you and I go for sunshine, the local population do need rain for crops so it's not all about tourism for Moroccan people.
    In mountainous regions or in the North, roads may be treacherous in heavy rain, but in towns and those linking main cities, roads are well made and improvements are ongoing.
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    I visited Marrakech city from 21st of December to 30th of December 2011. First, I had a different picture in my mind but I'm very much amazed when I seen the country. Lovely weather, very well maintained roads, nice hotels, beautiful beaches, lovely water fall, Olive and orange trees full of fruits, all very impressive. I visited with my family, (three small children) and try to cover as many surrounding areas of marrakech as possible but still many left to visit. I'm going back to UK with this hope that I will come back to marrakech again as soon as possible and enjoy my holidays on this lovely lonely planet.
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