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Guatemala City - anything to see or do?

edited September 2011 in - Central America
I will have a few days to kill in Guatemala City. I haven't heard or read great things about it so far .. Is there anything to see there, and is it safe to cruise around on my own? I am looking for any ideas on where to go, good places to eat, tips on making a few days count... Thanks


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    i am a guatemalan living in california and i can tell you that the country has a lot of things to offer,,
    if youhave two days, i would suggest for you go to antigua and spend the day there, you will see all the 85 spanish colonial churches that were built after 1500 as a meca of the spanish empire
    the second day you can go to panajachel, this is a city on the side of the lake atitlan, and if you ahve a chance hire a boat to take you around the lake and stop in santiago atitlan you will be marveled by the town, (the time stayed still here) and the market place,,,
    the food, is great all over, just do not eat of street vendors, you will find great restaurants and all types of food in most of tourist destinations,
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    Hi Augusto, thanks for the advice! How far is Antigua from Guat City? And for the food , where can I find the real Guatemalan food, any tips on a great local restaurant? Thanks..
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