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Teaching English in South Korea with Scars

edited September 2011 in - South Korea
I have accepted a job teaching English in South Korea which I am very excited about!

I have heard that you have to undergo a medical before you get your Alien Registration Card. I am slightly concerned as I have some scars on my upper arm from self harming as a teenager. They are not visible with a t-shirt on and I haven't done it for many years. I am worried that this will raise questions during the check up? Does anybody know what the South Korean attitude is to self harm and whether this would put me at risk from deportation?

If anyone has any advice or has been through a similar experience I would be grateful to hear from you.


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    Hello, I am pretty sure that won't be much problem. I believe their main concern is more on drug trafficking, so just make sure that if they do notice it (which I doubt they will) prove them that it's not from something like self injection. (by... urine test? i have no idea)
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