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travelling November 6 to Istanbul ..need ur help :)

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hey tour guides ,,
i ve booked to visit Istanbul for my honeymoon ,,
it will be in November 6 staying 5 nights there ,,we booked a hotel in taxim area ..
we planned to spend a full day in BursA
also we want to visit the sultanahmet area with the grand bazzar etc ..
i have searched a lot about the transportation in Istanbul it seems to be a very wide difficult network for me!!
but for me i prefer the sub way ''the metro''
can any one help me in this ??? giving me a detailed map with the stations !!
from taxim to sultanahmet area and grand bazzar

we don't speak turkish ?? is it a big deal !!


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    waiting for the answers please !!
  • Hello,

    You can get on a metro to Kabatas Station that is last stop. Then get on a tram from Kabatas Tram Stop to Sultanahmet. Or, You can get on a taxi from Taksim, it takes only 10-15 min then cost you max. 20 TL for 2 person.

    For Bursa, I highly reccomend you to join a tour for Bursa. There are daily tours departing Istanbul

    Best Regards

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    thank you so much for help :)
    what about language ?
    am not speaking turkish !!

    can you tell me more about Bursa !!
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    what about the Bosphorus tour ?? how can we join it ?
  • Hello,

    Most of people peaople speak engilsh.
    Bursa was first capital of Ottoman Empires and it has great mosques, silk market and very nice Olympos Mountian with pine tree, also you will be able to take cable car up to Olympos Mountain.

    You can check visit Turkey Travel Bazaar web site and you can book with them,,270.html
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