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UK scammer : Grant Hatlen

edited September 2011 in World Wide
We were scammed by a Grant Hatlen, South African citizen, living in the United Kingdom. This man made reservation for a Mr Louw Wepener to travel to London for an interview. He promised to do payment upon receipt of the invoice, which we sent to him on 05 April 2011. To date, today 28 September 2011, we are still awaiting payment from this man. He personally made the reservation as owner of his company, Consolidated Global Group, and has had every story in the book promising payment every day. We are now pressing legal charges against this man, but be warned all travel agencies around the world, DO NOT DO BUSINESS with this man, your agency WILL NOT be paid. He is very sleek and comes across as being a very sincere guy, but trust me, he is not and every word he says is yet another lie to postphone payment.


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    I am also looking for this man, please send any info on Grant Hatlen to [email protected]
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    The company Derran Travel dealt with a company, not Grant Hatlen as the Slanderous posting states! The original invoice issued confirmed this and was reconfirmed by Deran Travel's own legal people in the UK. As such a settlement has now been agreed between the company and Derran Travel. Grant Hatlen Now intends suing Derran Travel in the UK Courts for liabel and damages, and pressing criminal charges of Crimen Injuria against the parties involved in SA! Solicitors in the UK have been instructed.
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    Derrann Travel dealt with Grant Hatlen, just to make this clear. Grant Hatlen acted as CEO of HIS company and Grant Hatlen was the only person we ever dealt with, no one else. Grant Hatlen gave his company details to be invoiced. Until today, 07 December, no settlement has been agreed between Grant Hatlen and Derrann Travel and also still no payment received, which has now been outstanding for 09 months. We will also be suing Grant Hatlen for liabel and extreme financial loss and damages, our solicitors have also been instructed. Just to clear all the confusion and false statements.
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