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Nigeria scam

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Hi girls,
Please beware of the man call Harry Wilson, Dario- [email protected] and now is Rino (same person).
I've been scammed by Harry wilson just last week after been chatting online with him for about 4 weeks (he found me on dating website like you all), the pictures that he used of a handsome man with beautiful smile.
Harry has 1 daughter who is 7 years old, her name is Luara and his wife died in a car crashed.
same old PTA story and I was stupid enough to sent $300 AUD for feeling sorry that he hasn't have enough cash to ship his goods back to UK (same story again here, he can not access his credit card). Harry claimed to be in art and craft business then he's had to go to Nigeria to get these stuffs as they are so cheap over there!!
Harry said that he will be coming to Australia to meet me once he shipped out his goods and this is when the famous PTA came in, he asked me for extra $1000 then I did some research about BTA/PTA this is why I came across this website and still wasn't sure if he's telling me the truth. At the end I've made my mind that if he's really business man he would find the way out for sure. I've told Harry that I don't have that much money and we have not yet meet in person, how can I trust him then he's so upset that I didn't beleive him. He rang me 20 times in 1 hour begging for money or he and his daugther will die over there if I don't help him out of there quick, my heart dropped and I felt so bad if this was real. He swears on his life that he will give me back the money when we meet, he also said that he spent alot of money for the plane tickets to come to see me why I don't trust him and of course he sent me info. of the flight and even gave me his account details and password just to prove that he's real while chatting with him. I've checked his acccount and found that so much money like $380,000 UK in balance but I've notice there was only 1 transaction 3 weeks ago, this is why I know that there is something wrong as he is a business man he would have more than 1 transaction even us with normal income we still have more than that for sure!!. and by the way I can still access his account now???.
They always seem to have children involve so you will feel so sympathetic about the whole thing.
Today 29 September 2011 guess what?, Harry contacted me again through the same website (I still beleive that I would find some decent man one day) but use different name as I've mentioned above and always start with "hello angel" and end up with "Don't even talk about the distance, because distance can never and will never be an obstacle to me when it comes to true love".
He still using the same picture on the profile (I'm using different name on the profile but same photo), within 2 hours he sent me 2 different profiles but may be just realised something so I can not see his photo on the second one.
I'm using different hotmail account to contact him back just to see what he has to say this time but did not here anything yet!!.. and this time on both profiles that he just sent to me saying that his wife died when she gave birth to his daugther a few years back.
I will be happy to show his pictures if someone interested or want to confirm if it's the same person of who you are dealing with now. This is my email: [email protected]
I'm sorry about my english as I'm asian that live in Australia.
Good luck to all you girls!!.


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    I have just received an email from this guy who introduced himself as Dario Macario with the same email address you mentioned - [email protected] Apparently, it is the same person.
    This is what he mentioned in his email:
    woooooooww!!!!!!! its really a pleasure seeing some one who has a wonderful and fantastic profile like yours, i'm sending you an email and showing my interest in you and i do hope you find interest too, let me give you a brief introduction about myself. My name is Dario Macario, an Italian (White/Caucasian) I'm Self Employed and i have my own Fashion shop. I have a good sense of humor and respected.. i live currently now in England (london in United Kingdom)..
    I'm a widower with a lovely daughter called Celia who will soon be 8 years old.. i lost my wife when she was giving birth to my daughter and it was really a painful time and experience... i am a man with a strong heart, loving, caring, honest, compassionate, affectionate, and God fearing. I like swimming, camping, fishing, reading & writing and watching football and this i do in my leisure hours... When i read through your profile i was really amazed and motivated to send you an email and show my interest.. if you dont mind and would like to continue and aleast have a conversation or chat with me, i would want you to contact me through my yahoo or hotmail accout which is===

    dariocelia1 // @ // // y a h o o // // . // c o m this is the yah o o address

    dariocelia1 // @ // h 0 t m a i l // // . // c o // . // u k and this is the hotmail address

    sorry it might sound improper giving you my email address here, i did it because it will help me see your reply early when you contact me directly in my contact address.. i would also prefer if you would be kind enough to send me your email address in the reply of this mail so i can contact you directly on your contact email address too and send you a mail containing more about myself and pictures of me and my daughter also .. thanks for your understanding. i hope you have interest on me too and just HI or HELLO when you contact me back on my email as reply will mean much to me....
    and hey!!! dont even think about distance, i have made up my mind that i will go anywhere love takes me and i am really willing to do anything when i find my true love no matter what it takes.
    thanks once again.. hope i hear from you soon..

    A Big smile from... Dario..
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    To guest.

    Yes, it's the same person!!
    Dario contacted me back with the same photos of Harry Wilson and now he's a fashion designer!!.
    Just beware of people that contact you from oversea or even local but now working in Malaysia or Singapore as it's happening alot now from dating website!!.
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    In response to the information on this guy, I have as well been scammed by him...who claims to be 'dario macario with an 8yo daughter called celia...all the information posted above is what i have on him and he has got money out of me claiming to be stuck in Kuala lumpur with his daughter.....and intending on coming to me as above in Australia. He has been talking to me daily since early september and sounds like all the same stuff as you girls previously. Please sujita I have emailed you at the address you have given can you read it and respond to me.....we have a similar story.
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