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simcard for indonesia

edited September 2011 in - Indonesia
Can i use my Nokia 2760 in Indonesia with an Indonesian SIM? It is unlocked, but will it work? I have a Nokia 2760, and have tried it on two sims from different networks and it works fine, so i want to take it to Indonesia for my 3 week holiday, leaving my iPhone safely at home. I want to buy an Indonesian SIM card while i'm out there. This phone is GSM 900 / 1800, so does that mean it will work on all Indonesian networks?


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    it will work for all off Indonesian SIM card... use the same GSM 900/1800.
    u can use Telkomsel or XL Axiata... cause Indonesia have 2 systems... GSM and CDMA...
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    Hi Seth, I agree with Thu, I prefer to use Pro XL (XL Asiata), because the calls are cheaper in Indonesia and even sms, also if u send a sms out of indonesia really cheaper, coverage is practically the same, maybe in the mountains and in areas receiving more details Telkom.To carge 50.000 rupie is sufficient for ur period if u call frequ
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