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What is the climate in the month of November at Nairobi, Kenya?

edited October 2011 in - East Africa
I would like to know the climate within 1st & 15th of November..


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    Hi Rasmy

    November is the start of Kenya's lesser rainy season (not as bad as March-May) -- so you might get a few showers here and there, but nothing torrential. Daytime temperatures will be in the region of 23 degrees celsius, and night-time temperatures about 13.

    Have a good trip!
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    NOV HAS GOOD WET evenings and sunny days {its the short rains} season but the rains came early 2011 we have had rains since early oct. the only area where nomacy and touristic activities are moutaineering on MT Kili and Mt Kenya the rest of thcountry is ok. tepm range 20 - 27 degree C. DURING THE DAYS AND Lows of 12-13 in Nairobi and the highlands but coast has lows of 17degrees C.
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