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Getting a Croatian tourist visa

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I m munish kumar from india.(indian citizen).i would like to know
what is requirments of croatia tourist visa for indian peoples.i want
to travel croatia,before i have been travelled EUROPE,UK n many
countries.please as soon as possible u tell me.


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    could one travel into croatia with valid schengen visa?
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    Hi Munish,
    Yes, u need visa for croatia. More on that subject you can ask at croatian consulate in India -

    New Delhi
    A-15 West End
    New Delhi 110021
    Tel. 0091 11 4166 3101, 4166 3102, 4166 3103
    Fax 0091 11 4166 3100, 2411 6873

    A/52, Darshan Apartments
    Mt. Pleasant Road
    Mumbai - 400 006
    Tel. 00 91 22 23 67 28 00
    Fax 00 91 22 23 67 84 50
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    My name is Azam, I'm Iranian.My Jordanian fiance and I have decided to travel to Croatia for honey moon. He lives in dubai and wants to know how he can make a visa for Croatia? Is ther any embassy or councellation in UAE?
    I'd like to hear from you as soon as possible.

    Best regards,
    Azam Mousavi
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    Hi Azam
    Citizens of UAE can make visas for Croatia in Cairo, EGYPT. Address of the Croatian consular office there is:

    3, Abou El Feda St.
    Zamalek, Cairo
    Phone 00202 273 83 155, 273 55 815
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    I'm a South African living in Luxembourg. Where do I go to get a Croatian Visa? The number for the listed embassy is never reachable. Is it possible to get a visa on entry to Croatia?
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    Hi JK!
    As I know you can`t get Croatian visa on entry to Croatia, but you can check in Croatian consular office in Bruxelles. Address is:
    Avenue Louise 425
    1050 Bruxelles
    Tel. 0032 2 63 92 036
    Fax 0032 2 51 20 338
    I got this address from web page of Croatian foreign affairs. I hope that i helped you.
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    I am Indian National living in Switzerland. Recently it was announced that Croatia is relaxing visa rules for summer 2009. Indian and some other national may not be needing visa. By when or if at all this will be implemented. ?

    Thanks in advance
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    Hi everyone

    I am a citizen of Kosova. my question is:
    Do I need a visa to enter in Croatia?
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    Hi Everyone
    I m Ranjit, I am Indian i Never go to abroad I would like to know, can I get work visa of croatia ?
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    hi there
    I am a South African and a friend Zimbabwean. We are both in UK on holiday visas and want to go over to cratia on a contiki tour for 8 days. Is there anyway we can apply for a visa from the UK without having to go back to our residential countries?
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    Lizzy - just go to the Croatian embassy in London and apply there: Call them on +44 (0)20 7387 2022
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    i'm a girl from the Ukrain, but i'm living in Germany. This year I'd like to travel Eastern Europe with a friend. Do I really have to get a visa for every country, like croatia, serbia etc.? If yes, where do I have to apply or can I get extra information?

    Thanks in advance :)
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    i intend to travel into Croatia for about 2 weeks. i am a singaporean. would i require any visa?
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    i am a Nigeria,leaving in
    Nigeria but would like to
    attend a conference in dubrovnik,croatia.How
    would i apply for visa since
    there is no croatian embassy or consulate in
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    The best way to get a Croatian tourist visa where there is no embassy in your country is to use a worldwide service like

    You will need to send your passport off to them via registered mail, and then they will return it with the visa once approved.

    Here also is a link to the application form issued by the Croatian government:
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    You can also contact the Croatian embassy in the closest coutntry - in your case this is either South Africa, Morocco, or Egypt. Just google them for actual contact details.
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    Citizens of Nigeria can get visas for Croatia in Croatian Consular office in London which covering visas for citizens of Nigeria.

    21 Conway Street
    London W1T 6BN

    Tel: 0044 20 73872022
    Fax: 0044 20 73870310

    Email: [email protected]

    Just contact them for further information.
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    For further questions about visas for Croatia it is best that you check web page of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the Republic of Croatia on web address - There you can find answers to question do you need visas for Croatia, and where can you get it.
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    Hey, I am a Trinidadian and I wand to travel to Croatia for the summer. I know that I must send my documents to the nearest consulate or embassy, but I am not sure if I must send them to Venezuela or Brazil, the information I have gotten on-line is somewhat confusing.
    Can anyone help me please..
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    Hello I'm a USA citizen.....Is a Croatian Visa required to visit Croatia for 2 weeks ex USA...

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    Hi im Lebanese guy , i would like to visit croatia i have many friends there and i would like to meet them and go see how great is croatia especialy the old town , i would like to stay there more than 1 month , how can i get such a visa !! plzz reply , thanks
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    I will do a cruise from Venice with one stop in Split ( croatia ) for about 6 hours. I am holding Thai passport and I wonder if the cruise will issue a Blanket visa or not to the passengers for a visit .
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    Same as for Egypt, Israel and Cyprus ?
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    I am a South African passport holder living in Dubai
    How do I get a visa to visit Croatia
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    Hi, El. Singapur citizens do not need visa for Croatia. Bzut all visas requirements fro all countries can checked at
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    Hi there,

    I am taking a cruise that stops in Dubrovnik for 5 hours. I am travelling on a South African passport, but living in Switzerland, so I have a Swiss work/residency permit. South Africans need a visa, but is it possible for me to enter on the Swiss document ? Long shot, but worth a try ! Else I guess I just sit on the boat for 5 hours, sure that is legal.

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    To Lena and Brad,

    People who make short visits during cruise to Croatia don`t need any special visa. All necesseri documents will be fixed by the cruise company.

    Enjoj your trip!
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    To Lisa,

    You need to send your papers to Brasil. I send you adress below:

    SHIS QI 09 Conjunto 11
    Casa 3
    CEP 71625-110 Brasilia-DF
    Tel. 0055 61 248 0610
    Fax 0055 61 248 1708

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    To George,

    You don`t need visa for Croatia

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    To Lonely travel,

    Hi, you can get information about visa for Croatia in Croatian consular office in Pretoria - adress below:

    1160 Church Street
    0083 Colbyn, Pretoria
    P.O. Box 11335, 0028 Hatfield, Pretoria
    Phone 0027 12 342 1206
    Fax 0027 12 342 1819

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    To Squat,

    For staying in Croatia more then one month it is best that you get info in Croatian consular office in Beirut, adress below:

    Sofil Center, Floor 4
    Ashrafia, Beirut
    Phone 0096 11219 533
    Fax 0096 11201 184

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    hi i called the consulate , they said i need invitation and my friends are college students they cant send invitiation cuz they dont have job , im ready to pay anything just to get the letter of invite i really need to see them before my vacation end , thanks waiting ur reply ..
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    I am a Indian Citizen and have a valid Schengen visa. I have to leave from India 17th July,2009 and have no time to apply for Croatian Visa from India. I have to travel to Czech,Germany and Slovenia. I am planning to go to Croatia on 25th July to 1st August and also have purchased a airticket. Please inform how to apply for Croatian visa in Frankfurt in the Croatian Consulate. Will i easily get visa from Frankfurt for Croatia. I already have proofs of my ongoing business in Croatia and invitation from Croatian company. I am going there for Business visit. Please inform ??
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    I am a latvian citizen, i suppose i do not need a visa to enter Croatia, or am i wrong?
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    You information was great.
    How about an American who is looking at retiring in Croatia.
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    hi im in croatia have been for 3 weeks i am from uk
    what do i need to do to work and live in croatia as i said i am allready was ment to be a holiday but want to stay and work and live there
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    paulica - is croatia not part of the EU? In that case you don't need any permission to work there.
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    croatia is not part of the eu
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    Bout to say thats nonsense, EU doesnt include Croatia yet.

    See this articles on How to work in Croatia:
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    ty ill look now
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