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beach resorts in japan

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Can anyone recommend a beach resort near Tokyo or Kyoto? I'm planning on going to Japan for my honeymoon next May. We want to spend some time in Tokyo and Kyoto but would like a few days somewhere slightly quieter and on the coast as well. Where would you recommend? Are there good beach resorts in Japan?


  • Southern Beach Hotel & Resort is the best resort in Itoman,Japan.I like it because i personally visit it on my journey.its nice to see because its have a good location and rooms are furnished and nice and comfortable.Also a nice pool and beach to enjoy swimming and you feel easy but a problem is also there is no internet access.Its expenses are also normal.I hope you like it.
  • Japan is not generally celebrated for its beach resorts, but Okinawa is the best beach destination and the exception to this rule. Japan is not a big country and it should be possible to enjoy some time in Okinawa if you have a few days. Matsushima is also said to be a good option for a beach break. 
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    Accorgin to my point of view;
    Busena Terrace Beach Resort is best Beach Resort in Japan.  This resort in Okinawa is a wonderful
    property. The large grounds and beaches on the East China Sea provide
    plenty of opportunity for relaxing there. The incredibly blue water there presents
    an amazing view. 

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