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Travelling in Japan during Golden Week

edited October 2011 in - Japan
I've been living in Osaka for four months, and am starting to plan where I'll travel during Golden Week in Japan. I have read that it is a CRAZY time to travel, and am aware that I should book reserved seats on trains and book required accommodation ASAP...

I am considering three main options at this stage, and just want people's opinions/ideas/suggestions:

1) do the bicycle route from Okayama through to Shikoku Island, and explore whatever Shikoku has to offer. The 88-temple pilgrimage doesn't interest me, but i'd see a couple temples and visit the old onsen there and the vine bridge

2) travel to Kyushu island, visit onsen in Beppu area and see the active volcanoes...

3) if it appears all too hard to even try to travel within Japan during this time, maybe I'll head to South Korea?! either fly or ferry. I'd rather not do this though.

I have a little Japanese language ability. Any thoughts or suggestions would be most appreciated :) I'm determined not to stay in Kansai area!
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