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nairobi restaurants and nightlife

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Where is Nairobi cafe where they feed giraffes from the 2nd floor window? It might be near Nairobi airport. What are the best restaurants in nairobi to eat at? Also, what are interesting places to visit in Nairobi nightlife? Are there good nightclubs that are safe?


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    The restaurant where they feed giraffes from the 2nd floor window is most likely Ole Sereni..its just a few minutes drive from JKIA airport... You can pop by as you leave from the airport towards the city centre..However, the giraffes are not always there as they are actually on the National Park side hence you might only be lucky to find them there at the Ole Sereni windows. Nonetheless, the view of the park from the restaurant is wonderful!!
    As regards places to eat at, Nairobi offers a wide variety depending on the cuisine you have in mind, your budget and the locations you prefer... I would however highly recommend having a bite at Sankara Nairobi at westlands. Their food totally leaves you licking your fingers - literally!! You can also proceed to the roof-top bar of the hotel and enjoy a cocktail as you savour the fantastic view of Nairobi that you get from the rooftop!
    As regards nightlife, I would recommend Florida 2000 (plenty of local girls there), casablanca, Brew Bistro (along Ngong road), Mercury Lounge at ABC Place... and there loads of other fantastic club..simply approcach a local who seems friendly and of working class who is likely to visit a classy night club! There also some fantastic lcubs at westlands though I would recommend you do not visit clubs alone - have a wingman and keep your drink close to avoid being spiked by any ill-motived ladies seeking to steal from you.
    Otherwise, welcome to Kenya and I have no doubt you will have a blast here!!

    Ian M. - 0734016863
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    From what you are requesting , it should be Giraffe Centre / Giraffe Manor Hotel. At Ole Serena , the restaurant and the boundary to the Nairobi national Park is 30metres . The place to feed Giraffe from your hotel is Giraffe Manor Hotel.

    Nairobi at night has alot to offer . K1 , Choices ,Florida 2000

    For delicious food try the Carnivore , Rusty Nail , Nairobi Mamba or Amaica , Ronalo for local dishes.

    Canon 0726313750
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