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What to wear in Malawi

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Is it true that girls can't wear shorts in Malawi? I'm travelling to Malawi in three months on a charity trip and have been told I can't wear 'short shorts' as they will show my thighs and this is not allowed or respectable in Malawi for girls. Is this true?


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    Yes and no is the answer. If you're in one of the more tourist orientated places on the lake like Nkhata Bay or Cape Maclear reasonable shorts are OK. In one of the more remote villages especially away from the lake maybe a bit of decorum and some longer, less revealing shorts or a knee length skirt might be more appropriate. In and around tourist accommodation in Blantyre or Lilongwe shorts should be OK but dress for the area is a good principle. Islam is one, but not the only, religion in Malawi and conservative dress in those areas where Muslims live is therefore expected. Malawians living near the lake are pretty used to tourists nowadays so it's more a case of plain common sense. If you should hear the occasional sound of disapproval when you pass by - take the hint! Take your shorts on your trip and if you're not sure about when and where you can wear them ask a local. Malawians rate as some of the friendliest and kindest people in the world. Have fun!
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    This has helped me with research. Thanks! :)
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