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shots for malawi, what vaccinations do you need before going to Malawi?

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What shots do you have to get for Malawi? do you need to have vaccinations/ injections before going there?

This summer I'm going to visit my dad in malawi and I was wondering what kind of shots I have to get because I don't like shots so I want to know how many and what they are.


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    You definitely need certain inoculations or boosters for Malawi. None of them are that nasty to have! Probably the most important are Hepatitis A and B, Meningitis and Typhoid. Rabies is also an important one to get but remember it does NOT stop you from getting rabies should you get bitten by a rabid animal like a monkey or village dog - you still need to get urgent treatment for this dangerous disease. Yellow fever shots are usually only required if you have come into Malawi from an infected area but to save hassles at the border I would get it. You should also get shots or boosters for Polio (which has reappeared in some southern African countries recently), Tetanus and Diptheria. Don't forget that Malawi is in the malaria area and that you should choose suitable prophylactic treatment. There is an increasiongly popular natural product now available in many parts of Africa for both protecting against AND treating malaria called Demal 200. And don't let your doctor or travel clinic tell you it's rubbish! It is not an antibiotic and it has no side effects as do many so called more reliable treatments.I have used Demal 200 extensively as have hundreds of professionals working or living in malaria zones. If you are coming to Malawi from outside Africa you may find it more difficult to source this product. But go to for more info. One other health issue is Bilharzia, a parasite carried by snails in fresh water found in many places in Africa. It is found in Lake Malawi, in some parts particularly in the southen section more so than others. Read up on it so you know the score. That's not to say you shouldn't swim in the lake but be aware. Enjoy Malawi - it is a great country and Malawians whilst not well off have to rate near the top in the hospitality stakes.
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    Demal 200 contains no active ingredient apart from 15% alcohol - research this carefully on Google before accepting the advice from Jambo7. It has no side effects because it is useless!
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    thanks you very much for your question. a similar post: may be need to take care especially when traveling with kids.
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    I hope people who say Demal 200 is rubbish have used it ( Dave W )so many people I know have and have
    not got Malaria from using it and have also got rid of the Malaria which was in their liver waiting to attack again and then taking Demal 200 they had it no more after doing tests,
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    Hi can I give DEMAL200 to my kids aged 8 and 10? where can I buy it in Europe?
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    I've searched some vaccine that you can use:
    Measles, mumps, rubella (MMR)
    Yellow fever
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