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Achieving Working Visa

edited October 2011 in - Japan
I am currentlying staying in Sasebo, Japan. I got offered a job at the Navy Base here as a personal trainer. Before coming back to Japan we were told that I didnt need to get a working visa, that I could get it once I arrive with their help. Upon arrival I went for the official interview and found out that I was unable to start working without the working visa and would need to get it basically on my own since I was ultimately not SOPHA sponsored. So we went to the immagration office along with calling the japanese embassy for help. Both were very little help. In addition, we have been researching online. As of right now my stay is good until nov 29 (90days). We were told that I needed my passport, the visa application, 2 new passport photos, the 3000yen fee, and needed to get official transcripts for proof of schooling for at least 3 years. Would i need to have anything else to complete the application for my working visa? We were told once we have those things we are to take the japanese embassy closest to us, which we were also told was in fukoka (2hrs away) to submit. So we dont want to travel the distance to find out that either one, we dont have all that is required for submission, or, two, we could of traveled closer. so with any information and help we would greatly appreciate it. We feel that all the information we have is not 100% accurate and is more of a possibility on how it might go. So we would like to know for sure what exactly will need to be done to have the visa submitted and in hopes that once submitted I will in the end obtain my working visa.
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